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Giants of Science Fiction hit the Big Screen

March 17th, 2003

After the adaptation of Philip K Dick’s Minority Report was a hit last summer, it’s no surprise that other science fiction authors are having their work made into major motion pictures. The real problem with adapting hard science fiction is they deal mostly with science, and are short on the action we normally see in Sci-Fi movies. The studios can go one of two routes, stay true to the author’s vision, or create an action movie that is only marginally connected to the original story.

John Rogers, who co-wrote The Core, has finished the script for The Foundation Trilogy. Originally written by Isaac Asimov, John Rogers has commented that the novel is too intellectual and too much of the action happens off screen. Combined with The Core’s obvious lack of scientific integrity, The Foundation Trilogy could have little in common with its source material.

But the news isn’t all bad. Morgan Freeman is producing and staring in Rendezvous With Rama, based on a novel by Arthur C. Clarke. Currently the script is being rewritten with a larger emphasis on the science and exploration aspects of the story. Hopefully Morgan Freeman can stick to his guns and avoid letting the studio turn Rendezvous With Rama into a generic action film in space.

And when speaking of science fiction stories being turned into generic action films in space, one needs not look any further than Starship Troopers. However, Robert A. Heinlein’s work will get another chance to shine on the silver screen. Producer David Heyman now holds the movie rights to two of Heinlein’s novels, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Have Spacesuit Will Travel. Having David Heyman produce the movies is a good sign, when you consider how well the Harry Potter movies (which he is also producing) have stayed true to the novels.

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