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Movie Websites Launches for March 13 - March 19

March 19th, 2003

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here’s a list of highlights, plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Boat Trip
Current Content: Very simple design that hasn’t changed since the site first launched. Includes just the basics (Synopsis, Trailer, Character Bios and Photo Gallery) with no real style to draw in surfers.

City of Ghosts
Current Content: The movie is still a month away, so the lack of extras beyond the synopsis and trailer isn’t unexpected. However, there are no hints at future additions to encourage surfers to come back at a later date.

Down and Out with the Dolls
Current Content: Opening in limited release this week, this site has both HTML and Flash versions with a lot of information about the movie, the cast and crew, news and reviews. Also there is the trailer and a music video by the band, The Paper Dolls. The flash site also includes an interactive tour of the Dollhouse that includes introductions to the characters and clips of some of the songs from the movie. Another example of a low budget movie making good use of internet promoting and winner of the unequalled Weekly Website Award.

Updated Content: This website has already won The Weekly Website Award and while there is a little more revealed in the flash site it is not enough new content for a second win.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Updated Content: I checked this site this morning and there was a new version up. I checked back this afternoon and the old version was back. Very strange. Which version is up when you read this is anyone’s guess. The new version looked like a school bulletin board with downloads, (movie poster and some wallpaper) a ‘live’ chat, a toilet cam, and a lot of spelling mistaktes.

Ghosts of the Abyss
Updated Content: Disney continues to roll out more content for this award winning site. Recently three more features were added: A tour of the Titanic, an interactive timeline and downloadable guide to the Titanic in .pdf format. And a few more sections are still marked coming soon.

Current Content: Flash Site starts with scenes from the robbery with happen 22 years before the events of the movie. Once the intro is done, there’s lots of information to read (synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes and the director’s statement. Periodically images from the flash intro of the robbery reappear. While this is an interesting concept, it does make reading the text very difficult and disrupts the flow of an otherwise good site.

Piglet’s Big Movie
Current Content: A well designed site that should be fun to navigate for youngsters. Includes movie and character information, trailer, a music video and short clips of some of the movie’s songs. Also includes wallpapers and a game to play.

View from the Top
Current Content: Just a short synopsis, trailer and cast and crew, not even cast and crew bios, just the names. For a movie opening this week, there’s not much to entice surfers to go and see this movie.

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