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Ghost of Albion Site Official Launch

March 28th, 2003

There are things in this world that do not belong here. Evil things. Supernatural creatures that are neither myth nor legend. They are, in fact, quite real. These Enemies of Humanity would like to claim the world for themselves.

And thus begins BBCi’s new flash animation series Ghosts of Albion.

Created and written by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson, who also directed, Ghosts of Albion tells the story of the Tamara and William Swift. The siblings learn their Grandfather, Ludlow Swift, was not only a famed stage magician but also a magical champion dedicated to protecting Albion, the spirit of England, from the aforementioned Enemies of Humanity. And with his passing they inherit his legacy and duty to fight the forces of darkness.

The website itself is masterfully done, with lots to keep surfers entertained between episodes. There are trailers, interviews, music, and galleries of not only the characters but also the talent behind them. The background information on the story is also very well done, without giving away too much and ruining the story. Studios could learn a lesson here on how to create promotional sites for their movies.

Every week another of the 5 acts will be presented, each one about 12 minutes long. With a total running length of 1 hour this Flash animation is nearly a feature length movie itself. And this is most interesting when you consider two upcoming theatrical releases (Lil' Pimp and Clerks: The Animated Movie) will also be using this format. This could be a maturation of a format that until now has mostly been used for short animations like Laid Off.

For more information please visit the Ghosts of Albion and Amber Benson Official Sites.

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