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What a Dysfunctional Man Apart in a Phone Booth Wants

April 4th, 2003

This week three movies open wide, with another opening in between wide and limited.

Phone Booth: Starring Colin Farrell, who some are calling a superstar. I still think it is a little early for that call. This is his third movie released this year, with three more scheduled for release. Each one could be the film that finally solidifies his star status, or it could be the one that kills his career with overexposure. Phone Booth is probably neither of those, but the strong reviews suggest it’s closer to the superstar side than the overexposure side. Should win the weekend.

What a Girl Wants: Starring Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth. Poor overall reviews would suggest this movie won’t succeed. However, it is aimed at an under-serviced market, which can only help its box office. It is being compared to The Princess Diaries, but What a Girl Wants probably won’t do that kind of business, but a $12 to 15 million opening weekend leading to a $50 million total should please the studio.

A Man Apart: Staring Vin Diesel. Too sensitive to be a ‘Guys Movie’, too macho to be a ‘Chick Flick.’ The ad campaign tries to hard to attract both sexes, and in doing so alienates both. A Man Apart is getting absolutely horrible reviews; so far this year, only Boat Trip has gotten lower than A Man Apart. Vin Diesel could help film some seats, but not enough to make this film a success.

DisFUNKtional Family: The stand-up comedy film from Eddie Griffin. Opening in only 600 theatres it won’t land in the top five, but it should be a contender for highest Per Theatre Average.

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