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Final Act for Ghosts of Albion?

April 24th, 2003

Today was to be the final act in Ghosts of Albion, however popular demand has extended their stay by two additional weeks. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to those who have thoroughly explored the site. One of the features is quotes displayed on the side, not only from the show but from the creators, Amber Benson and Christopher Golden. In one of these, Christopher Golden specifically talks about the flexibility of the story. How they wanted the story to allow expand as needed. So with the success of the first series we could see additional stories revolving around Tamara and William Swift, or perhaps their modern day descendants.

Another fact to note, with the extension Ghosts of Albion has a running time of nearly an hour and a half. Long enough to be a feature-length movie. Does this mean a DVD release could be in the works?

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Source: BBCi