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Cody Banks Casting News

April 28th, 2003

The sequel to MGM’s only hit of the year, Agent Cody Banks, is set to begin production next month in London and will have a couple of new faces in front on the camera, as well as behind it.

Anthony Anderson, currently in Malibu’s Most Wanted, has joined the cast as Cody Banks’ special operative handler, similar to the role Angie Harmon played in the first movie. Anthony Anderson has been in a series of projects lately from last September’s Barbershop to a cameo in this summer’s Scary Movie 3.

Not returning for the sequel will be Hillary Duff, and for those who are following her career this can’t come as a surprise. Between promoting her upcoming Lizzie McGuire Movie, (opening May 2nd) and filming Cheaper by the Dozen for a Christmas release and preparing for The Cinderella Story... Where would she find the time? No word on who is set to replace her as Cody Banks’ love interest, but star Frankie Muniz is pulling for Brittany Snow (currently the star of the TV series American Dreams).

Behind the camera, Agent Cody Banks 2 will have a new director. This became necessary when the original director, Harald Zwart left the project due to budgetary concerns. Kevin Allen has been signed to direct the sequel in his place. This will be the first major directing job for Kevin Allen, whose previous credits include the mockumentary The Big Tease.

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