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Could Capt. Reynolds be Coming to a Theatre Near You?

May 23rd, 2003

The Sci-fi Western series Firefly didn’t survive till the end of the season, but it might survive on the big screen. Nathan Fillion, who played Capt. Reynolds, talked about the possible movie while working on the audio commentaries for the Firefly DVD set, scheduled for release later this year. According to him, Josh Whedon is trying to put together a Firefly movie, which he would write and direct. He was quoted as saying, "We're talking silver screen, wide release, big old deal. So everything's looking very positive, so we're going to keep our fingers crossed."

This wouldn’t be the first time a short-lived TV Series was made into a movie. 1982’s Police Squad only lasted 6 episodes but it spawned the successful Naked Gun Series.

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Source: Sci-Fi Wire