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Disney Dumps Duff

May 29th, 2003

Plans for a sequel to the hit Lizzie McGuire Movie and the new network TV series base on the title character have been scrapped as Disney and Hilary Duff could not come to terms on a new agreement. Disney was offering $35,000 an episode; a substantial increase from the $15,000 Hilary Duff was earning while the show was on cable. However, compared to the $2 million she earns for a single movie, she would be doing more than twice the work for less than half the money. Dropping a successful franchise is never a wise move, especially considering Disney’s network (ABC) is commonly fourth out of four major networks.

But just because this could be the last we’ve seen of Lizzie McGuire, it’s far from the last we’ve seen of Hilary Duff. She is just wrapping up filming of Cheaper by the Dozen with Steve Martin, Tom Wellings, and Alyson Stoner among others. In June she begins filming A Cinderella Story with Rupert Grint, and in September she is releasing her first album, Metamorphosis.

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