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HSX Column for week of May 26

June 6th, 2003

Monday, June 2: I've posted the weekend numbers - enjoy.

Saturday, May 31: I've posted Friday's numbers, and updated the de-list estimates.

Friday, May 30: I've added 2 new Star Bonds today - Regina Hall, who will be in Scary Movie 3 later in the Summer, and David Hyde Pierce, who's in Down With Love (thanks to Artie for pointing me towards the latter of these). I've also added Leslie Bibb to The Young Unknowns (thanks again to Artie), and corrected Pam Grier's sequence of movies (thanks Glenn).

Thursday, May 29: One new movie in the database today - Love the Hard Way, starring Adrien Brody, Charlotte Ayanna and Pam Grier. I've also dropped Prozac Nation from the calculations, since the release date has slipped again and Miramax don't have a new date yet.

Wednesday, May 28: A few more corrections today. First, the order of adjustments for Morgan Freeman and Eddie Griffin have been set straight. Thanks to Mike, Phil and Artie for pointing those 2 out between them. Second, according to Yahoo! Movies, The Last Minute is headed straight to video. Thanks to Andrea for that snippet.

Tuesday, May 27: I've posted the final weekend numbers, which updates all of the de-list and adjustment estimates below. I've also added Shia Labeouf to the database (thanks yet again to Mike for pointing that one out to me).

Monday, May 26: We're back again, this time after a nasty run-in with some hackers… it really has been quite a week at the site. Hopefully our technical problems are behind us now.

Thanks again to Mike for pointing out that Eric Bana is now credited for Finding Nemo by the good folks at the HSX.

Saturday, May 24: I've posted Friday's numbers. Also today, I have a tid-bit from Mike: The Third Wheel is going straight to video. See Greg's Previews for more details.

Hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend.