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Matrix Continues to Break Records Overseas

June 11th, 2003

The Matrix Reloaded broke records when it opened in Japan this past weekend. On May 31st it earned $4 million, which was a new record for single day previews, and The Matrix Reloaded’s $7.5 million was the largest for two day preview. $18.7 million, including previews was a new record for opening weekend, and without previews it was the third largest opening in Japanese history. The two largest openings belong to both Harry Potter movies, both of which broke $100 million total box office in Japan.

With the help from its record setting performance in Japan, The Matrix Reloaded was able to lead the International Box office race, again. It made $42.3m on nearly 10,000 screens in 63 markets to bring its total to over $300 million.

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