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Matrix Reloaded in Limbo

June 20th, 2003

Reloaded is one of the biggest hits of all time, its official, smashing records worldwide. At first the optimism surrounding the massive epic and its forthcomming ender, Revolutions. And sure enough, Reloaded opened to worlwide record numbers, but in the US it sharply dropped off after only a few weeks,due mainly to critics saying it wasn't as good as the first, but since then it has stayed steady in the US charts. Elsewhere Reloaded also opened well, with Japan's records being broken and it holding the number one spot in UK for over four weeks(its still at number one there too)Recently though, Reloadeds daily gross in the US has dropped bellow $1m, but despite this, its expected to stop just short of $300m for final numbers in the us, which ironically is the production budget for both reloaded and revolutions combined. Elsewhere the last reported gross figure was $550 Million by the reliable source of the BBC. That figure is said to be around $700m now. Reloaded could finish around 800M worldwide give or take a few million. Its been a rollercoaster ride for the epic so far, after a strong first few weeks, it was expected to hit the dizy heights of Spider-man More optimistic speculators have said it could overtake the Spidey gross, but until a more updated worldwide figure is released, no one can no how well Reloaded will do. Its safe to say the Matrix series has become huge in every way, but will fans be turned off bye the Hollywood Hype thats transformed the series from intellegent eclectic to intellegent blockbusting adveritisement fest?

Source: BBC, Speculators