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UK Box Office Update

July 3rd, 2003

note: ive tried submission like this, hopefully it will work "Feel My Wrath" was the words that roared from Bruce Almighty this week as he reaped an astounding $12m opening weekend. £3.6 million of which was generated by previews, sending him into an almighty number one placement. At only 448 Cinemas, Bruce took a vast $26k per theater, And Bruce spelt "badnews" for the rest of the box office. "Basic" slipped to ten, making its total box office figure less than $1 Million dollars, a dismal outing for the Travolta flop. This will surely be another notch on his flopcard. 2 Fast 2 Furious was the biggest top ten drop, losing 59% and sliding to second. This leaves its total at $8.1 Million. The film hit the no one spot last week and astounded box office analysts when it de-throned The Matrix: Reloaded from its throne. Speaking of Reloaded, its sitting pretty at number three this week dropping a meer 25% of last weeks total. This brought reloaded to a total UK Gross of $51.1 Million a vast number not seen since Harry Potter. Horror Flick "Wrong Turn" took an embarasing $611k weekend for its debut, while this is by far from impressive, it was a much healthier taking than Nicholas Nickelby who, at number 7, opened in only 204 theaters, both flops though, mainly due to a strong top three. Anger Management was down to sixth place, still behind Identity at fourth, both films took poor figures. Perhaps the most astounding box office hit apart from Bruce Almighty this weekend, was "Main prem ki diwani hoon" a Bollywood flick. The film debuted just behind Nicholas Nickelby at number eight, and was only opened in 34 theaters, it took a massive $262k for those theaters, giving it $7.8k average, putting it at the second per theater average slot after Bruce. It beat Dumb & Dumberer, which slipped from fifth place to ninth this week, and after only three weeks looks set to crash out of the top ten along with Basic as Charlies Angels looks to take the top spot for this weekend. The most humaliting flop, that even made Basic look good came from Biker Boyz. Despite a primetime advertisment regime that promoted "Matrix" star Laurence Fishbourne as its lead, it debuted at number 11 taking only $779 per theater, making its debut gross $107,869. The cost of the advertisments alone will set Biker Boyz back well over two million. Not good news there then. Kangaroo Jack hopped down from Nine to Twelve this week, making his total UK takings so far a healthy $5m And bringing down the house only lost 35%, but that was enough to set the Latifah comedy down from eight last week to fourteenth this week, as i predicted. Igby Goes Down dropped like a bomb too, despite rising to the challenge last week, Igby slid from ten to fifteenth, making his total three week gross $548,682 My predicitions for this weekend: Bruce will drop a good 35% as Charlies Angels 2 takes the golden top spot. 2 Fast 2 Furious will fall to third and Reloaded will drop to fourth. I may be wrong, but "Wrong Turn" could drop bellow Identity this week, and Identity should hold its fifth position, its likely that Anger Management could drop bellow Nicholas Nickelby and setle for eigth as Main Prem drops to ninth, As for tenth, Dumb and Dumberer is a good bet, but Biker Boyz could rise a spot, unlikely though, so ill say D&D for tenth. Seeya Next Tuesday! Michael Bain.

Source: Box Office Mojo, BBC, IMDB