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Battle of the Heavenly Stars: Part Two

July 8th, 2003

Last week the divine comedy, Bruce Almighty ruled the international box office. This week another movie with an angelic theme was tops. Boosted by openings in 32 international markets, Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle led the way with $22.3 million. The movie opened first in a number of key markets, including Australia and Italy. However, it was Charlie's Angels performance in some of the 11 holdover markets that should impress the studio the most. Small drops in markets like Japan and South Korea indicate that, unlike its domestic run, this movie could have international legs.

In other international box office news, The Matrix Reloaded passed the $400 million milestone this weekend, and then some. It's total is now $410 million, putting it ahead of last year's Spider-man into tenth place on the all time international chart.

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Source: Screen Daily

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