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Movie Websites Launches for July 3 - July 9

July 10th, 2003

During the past week promotional websites for several movies were launched and some older ones added additional content. Here’s a list of highlights, plus one last look at websites for films opening this week. This week there were a lot of new sites for smaller independent titles, as well as a lot of limited releases for this week. If you know of any new movie websites not on this list feel free to e-mail me with the details.

Bad Boys II
Current Content: No new issue, but a new was to check out the content, Virtual Miami. It adds a bit more flare to an already well done site.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
Current Content: Opening night is a long time away, so it's not surprising there's very little content. So far just the synopsis, trailer and image gallery.

The Holy Land
Current Content: A very simple site, no animated transitions and no sound. And except for the trailer, it's just images and text. Despite the simple format, I found myself drawn into the site. It was a very interesting read, with not just the synopsis and cast and crew bios but with very extensive production notes and even more press.

The Haunted Mansion
Current Content: I liked the background music / sounds for this site. But the real draw for me was the concept art. The costumes were good, but the artwork for the mansion was incredible. There is also a synopsis, a trailer and a poster. But that was secondary to the concept art.

I Capture the Castle
Current Content: This is an otherwise good site marred by two problems. Firstly, it is another silent site. I wish more websites would incorporate sound into their site. Secondly, when I tried to watch the trailer none of the links worked. I was able to find the trailer elsewhere.

Dirty Pretty Things
Current Content: This site doesn't treat the movie like a movie. So while there's a synopsis and character bios, there's not mention of cast or crew or behind the scenes, etc. There is a trailer, but even that's is off-site. There's not much in the way of sound or animation, which is a shame.

Jeepers Creepers 2
Current Content: Flash site launched this week, and it's almost entirely multimedia. No synopsis, no cast and crew bios, no productions note, yet. There's even a section for characters and it's all clips from the movie. In fact, most of this site is clips. Changing between sections shows you a flash animated pseudo-clip, there's for other clips from the movie, and two trailers. Speaking of the trailers, is it me or does the teaser trailer show a more in-depth look at the movie than the full trailer? There is also an image gallery, storyboards and downloads.

Kilometer Zero
Current Content: Simple presentation with sparse content. There's a synopsis, trailer, crew and character bios, (but no cast bios), a short note from the directors and a list of theatres. There's no sound and just two animated gifs.

The League
Current Content: New opening menu with international sites is up. But so far only the two English sites are available. When this site first opened, I was very impressed. There's more content dealing with just the characters than most sites have total. Then there's the usual information, Synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes, the teaser and full trailers and two TV spots. The updates on the Nautilus and Technology were a bit of a disappointment, but overall the sight is still good.

Current Content: This site's use of a view-master in its presentation is imaginative. The site does have the necessary elements, (synopsis, trailer, cast and crew bios) and a couple of minor extras, (under populated chat room and a theatre finder.) However, there is little else; what it has is done well, it could just use a little more. Some background music and a sound effect for the view-master, for instance.

Open Range
Current Content: Low key, but not low tech. This site has background music, sound effects and animated transitions. So right away you have a good format, and a fitting style. The content is not bad, synopsis, trailer, cast and crew (no bios.) There's also an image gallery and some wallpapers and screensavers to download. Plus a couple more sections marked coming soon.

Current Content: Another site with no background music, no sound effects and no animated links; it's just text and images. However, practically ever image is a link so the site is still engaging. Not only are the all the usual features here, but there's also a section on Fado, the style of music that features prominently in the movie. And there are several seafood recipes marked coming soon. I'll be paying extra attention for that update.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Current Content: Arr, after going to this site I was as happy as an old coat who's loaded to the gunwhales and off to crack Jenny's tea cup. Background music, sound effects, animated transitions, a game, what more could you want? Arr, so ye want some content. Aye, matey! How about synopsis, cast and crew bios, plus a very detailed production notes. So ye be sayin' tat ain't enough! Yeah be wantin' multimedia! There's a photo gallery and concept art. Not enough? Well there's two trailers, six clips and 5 behind the scenes segments. What! Now ye be demanding some booty as well. There's wallpapers, posters, buddy icons, screensavers and more! Still, lookin' to take what not be yers, ye scurvy dogs. Ye might as well set anchors away and haul wind, cause it will be cold enough in hell to freeze the balls off a Brass Monkey before I be tellin' you more. (Note: That last statement wasn't as dirty as you think. A brass monkey was a device used to keep canon balls neatly stacked near the canons. However, when the weather got cold the metal would contract causing the canon balls to fall off. Hence the phrase, 'Freezing the balls off a Brass Monkey.' And you thought it was dirty.) Which a review filled with that much Pirate Speak, it's no surprise it wins the Arrrrmorous Weekly Website Award.

Runaway Jury
Current Content: So far it's just the placeholder site. Cast and crew, (no bios) a two sentence synopsis and the trailer. It's not set to be released till mid-October, so the current lack of content is not surprising.

Sea Biscuit
Current Content: This could be a good site. Unfortunately, most of the content is still marked coming soon. The main attraction is 30 modules that have quotes and audio and / or video clips from the movie. It seems a little too haphazard for me, but as the rest of the site is added it might all come together.

Second Hand Lions
Current Content: The second Robert Duvall movie site reviewed this week, and for the most part it is a placeholder site. Trailer, gallery, poster, e-cards and a wallpaper to round out the content. There are a couple of extra touches. First, a lion will roar intermittently. Secondly, a bi-plane trailing smoke will fly across the site. The flash site should open when the release date draws near.

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