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Movie Pirates are Good for the Box Office

July 14th, 2003

So far 2003 has giving us more than a few surprises, but so far most have not been pleasant. This week, surprisingly, both new movies opened above expectations and finished first and second at the box office. Overall, the box office hit $144 million, up nearly 6% from last week, and 0.43% from last year.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl not only finished first this weekend, but also did it with better than expected numbers. $46.6 million this weekend and $70.6 million since it opened is great news. However, it is unknown whether is can withstand the second weekend which has killed most movies this year. Solid reviews should help, but it's too early to tell, especially the way this year is going.

More than doubling my prediction was The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Granted, my prediction was incredible low and $23.1 million is still not enough considering the film's production and advertising budgets. Review for The League are, in a word, aweful so expect a large drop-off for next weekend.

The fact that Terminator 3 didn’t drop 60% at the box office is a bit of good news given the most recent history. However, a second week draw of only $19.5 million is not what the studio was hoping for and could be the final push for Arnold Schwarzenegger needed to join politics.

Dropping to fourth was Legally blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde with $12 million. It's second week drop-off of 45.86% was just one third of one percent higher than the original's. Nevertheless, I doubt Legally Blonde 2 will have the same legs as the first.

With its $8.5 million, not only did Finding Nemo beat Home Alone this weekend, it also beat The Empire Strikes Back. It is now in 16th place on the All-Time chart. By the end of next weekend, Finding Nemo should pass $300 million.

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