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The Book of Mormon Movie hitting theaters with new horizons

July 28th, 2003

The Book of Mormon Movie Volume 1: The Journey, is opening in theaters September 12th. The difference between this film and others of the LDS film genre is where its going. This film is locked up for many states in the western U.S., which could put it into a new record theatre count for the niche beating the near 400 pulled in bye The Other Side of Heaven. Its also planned on appearing in many different countries, making it the first one of this type to go International. Starring in the movie is Noah Danby, who has had roles in many different films such as The Tuxedo, The Skulls, and Exit Wounds. This will also be the LDS first movie franchise as the people producing this film look to send out 8 or 9 volumes over the next 7 years. For more info check out the films official website

Source:, Book of Mormon Movie official Website