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will american wedding do as great as the two before it

August 12th, 2003

will american wedding be able to do as good as the two before, the first american pie opened at 18,709,680 then dropped only 28% to 13,559,430 and then only another 25% to 10,111,875 and performed greatly and it only cost around 10 million ,then came american pie 2 and opened with 45,117,985 the the highest opening weekend at the time and dropped 53% to 21,104,650 which is under standable for most sequals then it dropped 41% to 12,517,475 but then the most suprising thing happened in its 4th weekend it dropped a small 12% to 11,011,104 .while the first american pie raked in a good 101,736,215 a huge hit for a movie that cost 10 million dollars then the second installment which only cost 30 million went on to gross 145,096,820 that is around a 115 million dollars profit which is a huge successs but now comes american wedding which was'nt expecting the huge opening weekend of american pie 2 but it opened at a nice 33,369,440 but compared to the first 2 which showed profit the opening weekends the third film failed in that attempt then i was expecting a suprise just like the first one ,like a 35% drop to have a 22.2million second weekend but then i was outraged to see only 15,462,250 2nd weekend so lets hope american wedding can recover ,so it can hopefully gross around 120 million final gross