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Limited Releases Rule the Per Theater Average Chart

August 26th, 2003

This week's champion, Thirteen, was joined by three others that cracked the $10,000 per theater average mark, with one other film just missing that feat. Thirteen's weekend box office of $116 thousand was earned in just 5 theaters giving it an average of $23,252.

Dropping to second place was American Splendor. Its average held up amazingly well considering that its theater count increased five-fold. With an average of $14,199 at 32 theaters, American Splendor looks poised to enjoy some mainstream success.

A couple of interesting notes:

Not one wide release was able to crack the top ten this week, in fact Open Range had the best at 18th place, (or 15th if you don't count IMAX.)

Winged Migration climbed above $10,000 per theater in its 19th week. It hadn't hit that mark since mid-May. It did this when its theater count dropped by 80% while its box office actually increased.

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