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Pirates International Haul Climbing

September 3rd, 2003

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl continues to perform well both domestically and internationally. This weekend its international box office was $20.5 million despite no major openings. Next week in a whole other story altogether, the swashbuckling flick opens in both Germany and Italy. Total worldwide take is over $400 million, with $500 million well within reach.

American Pie: The Wedding continues to amass large numbers in a small number of markets. Another $10.1 million was added to its international total this week in just six markets. The real surprise is how well the movie is holding onto its box-office with smaller than expected drops in most markets.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines cracked the $250 million mark internationally this weekend. With its nearly $150 million domestically Terminator 3 is now just a few hundred thousand from $400 million worldwide.

The international box office for Lara Croft: Cradle of Life is mediocre at best. In some markets is it performing well, but in most it is significantly below the original's performance. It did manage $7.2 million this week, but with only two more major international releases, its total will be disappointing.

$400 million worldwide is a popular number this week. Finding Nemo, or as I will refer to it, Finding Nemo: The Search for Nemo (It was the only movie in the top five without a colon in the name.) An international catch of $6.2 million pushed it past $400 million. More than 80% of its box office came from the record setting opening in Australia. However, after next week's release in Hungary there is a more than a month till its next release, October 10th in the U.K.

In other news, The Hulk managed to top $100 million internationally this week. That will allow the studio to save some face, but they still won't be happy with the results.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter

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