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League Leads the Pack, Pirates Cross Two Milestones

October 8th, 2003

Boosted by number one openings in Germany, France, Australia and Switzerland, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen won the international box office race this week. It earned a respectable $14.6 million on 3,327 screens over 34 markets. There's good news; another week like that and its international total will top its domestic box office. There's also bad news; that's still not enough to make the movie a success.

After an unbelievable seven weeks at the top of the international box office, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl dropped to second with $11.1 million on 4,608 screens. It has now passed $300 million internationally, the 23rd film to do so, and $600 million worldwide, 18th on that list. The next major milestone is only $10 million away when it becomes the 20th highest grossing movie on the international market, passing E.T..

Close behind Pirates was Bad Boys II with $10.8 million on 4,608 screens to push its international total to $43.5 million. In a couple of weeks it should hit $200 million worldwide.

American Pie: The Wedding opened in Italy over the weekend and easily took top place with $2.4 million. Its international box office of $6.7 million for the weekend was good enough for 4th place. It is edging closer to $100 million internationally and $200 million worldwide.

In fifth place was The Italian Job with $4.7 million, on only 1453 screens. It has yet to open in some major markets like Germany, so bigger weekends are yet to come.

Finding Nemo opened in an exclusive performance Leicester Odeon Square in London over the weekend pulling in nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Nemo Watch: International Edition kicks off into high gear next weekend when it opens wide in the U.K. Despite not opening in most major international markets the Pixar animated classic has already earned $95 million internationally.

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