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Bad Boys, Bad Boys

October 21st, 2003

Bad Boys II won the international weekend for the second weekend in a row with a nearly identical box office of $16.2 million compared to last week's $16.1 million. Number one debuts in Russia and France helped push its international total to $85.2 million, more than the original made in 1995. It is also just one week from hitting $100 million internationally, the 20th film to do so this year.

After a disappointing run at the domestic box office, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is doing better internationally. It has a decidedly ordinary opening in the U.K. and big drops in large markets like Japan and Italy but still came in second with $10.6 million. With an international total currently sitting at $85.1 million, this film should have the legs to cross $100 million, not enough to make the movie a success, but enough to same someone's job.

For the second week in a row Finding Nemo placed in the top five thanks to its performance in the U.K. Its U.K. numbers accounted for more than 95% of its international weekend box office of $10.1 million. It is now starting to climb the international charts with $123.7 million (good enough for 186th place) and the worldwide charts with $461.8 million (good enough for 34th place.) However, without a major opening for the next three weeks it will most likely drop out of the top five before it hits its peak.

Kill Bill: Volume 1 opened in several large markets over the weekend, but only managed $9.5 million overall. While this total wasn't bad, it wasn't quite up to expectations either.

Continuing its climb American Pie: The Wedding took in another $6.5 million making it just past $100 million. It is the 19th film to reach that international milestone this year. It has yet to open in a few strong markets, so topping the other American Pie movies' international totals is still within reach.

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