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Weekend Wrap-Up: Insurgent Dips from Divergent

March 24th, 2015

Insurgent poster

As expected, Insurgent led the way at the box office; however, it didn't live up to Divergent's opening from last year. Worse still, both The Gunman and Do You Believe? failed to match low expectations. Overall, the box office did dip from last week, but by less than $1 million or 0.5%. Its decline from last year was more troublesome at 7.3%. Year-to-date, 2015 is still ahead of 2014, but by only 2.2% at $2.18 billion to $2.13 billion.

Insurgent opened in first place with $52.26 million over the weekend. This was about $2 million lower than Divergent, which doesn't seem like a lot, but the first film wasn't a monster hit, so this decline could spell trouble for the franchise's future. The film's reviews were even worse than the previous film's reviews were, so its legs will likely be shorter this time around. That said, it will still reach $100 million, likely by this time next week, but if the film doesn't perform better internationally and the franchise doesn't doesn't bounce back next installment, then the studio might end up regretting extending the series to four installments.

Cinderella fell a little faster than expected down 48% to $34.97 million over the weekend for a total of $122.52 million after ten days of release. It is on pace to reach about $190 million, but if it bounces back next weekend, that could go up. Additionally, $190 million domestically would be enough to cover its entire production budget, meaning it just needs to cover its global P&A in the international scenes to break even. (It might have already done that.) Add in the film's likely strong home market numbers and the studio should be more than happy with this result.

Run All Night managed to earn third place, but not because it did better than expected. It did worse. However, the competition was so bad that a sophomore stint of $5.03 million over the weekend still put it in third place. After ten days of release, the film has earned $19.64 million, while it might reach $30 million. It really depends on how quick theater owners drop the film.

The Gunman was in a virtual tie for third place, also with $5.03 million, behind Run All Night by just $3,621. With terrible reviews and a per theater average that is below the Mendoza Line, the film's legs will be terrible. It will likely finish the year as one of the biggest bombs at the box office.

Kingsman: The Secret Service managed to remain in the top five for one more weekend with $4.63 million over the weekend, lifting its total to $114.60 million. The film has already been playing in theaters for more than a month, which is a long time for a film to still be in the top five in this day and age.

Do You Believe? couldn't live up to God's Not Dead, as it earned sixth place with just $3.59 million. This film earned 60% less than its predecessor in nearly twice and many theaters. Additionally, its reviews are much worse. (That one positive review it had before the weekend began is still its only positive review.) It might finish with less than God's Not Dead earned during its opening weekend.


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