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International Box Office: The Age of Ultron is Upon Us

April 30th, 2015

The Avengers: Age of Ultron poster

The Avengers: Age of Ultron got its international run underway a week before its domestic debut and it was an explosive start, with the film earning $200.2 million in 44 markets. These 44 markets represent about 55% of the total international marketplace, while the $200.2 million represents a 44% increase over the first film's debut in those markets. The biggest weekend result came in the U.K. where it pulled in $27.84 million on 583 screens. In South Korea, the film's total opening was $27.97 million on 1,876 screens with $23.05 million of that coming over the weekend. Its U.K. opening was a record for the month of April and the biggest opening of the year so far, but it was less than 10% more than its predecessor's debut there. On the other hand, it more than doubled the original's debut in South Korea.

Age of Ultron had a record-breaking opening in Russia with $16.15 million over the weekend for a total opening of $16.87 million. This barely topped the old record, which had stood for all of three weeks when Furious 7 opened. It was also better than the first film's debut there, but by just 8%, which is relatively close to the rate of inflation. It also managed records in the Philippines with $7.68 million on 607 screns and in Hong Kong with $6.39 million on 254.

In France, the film pulled in $12.47 million on 828 screens, but this was significantly lower than the original's run. This is not surprising, as the first film had really bad legs in that market. (It earned more during its opening weekend than it did throughout the rest of its run.) It was also lower in Australia with $12.12 million on 760 screens, but this was still the third biggest debut in this market. The film also managed the second biggest opened in Brazil with $13.6 million, as well as in India ($7.88 million on 1,690); Argentina ($4.7 million); Singapore ($3.73 million on 148); and Vietnam ($1.56 on 213).

Other million dollar markets include Germany at $9.4 million. Italy pulled in $7.71 million on 901 screens, as well as a trio of Asia markets: Indonesia ($6.55 million on 663 screens); Malaysia ($5.84 million on 654); and Taiwan ($5.60 million on 84).

Coming up this weekend for The Avengers: Age of Ultron is Spain and Mexico, as well as other smaller markets. It opens in China on the 12th of May and in Japan in July. The target number for the movie is $1 billion internationally and there are many people who think it will get there. Its $200 million opening is certainly a good start.

Furious 7 was way back in second place with $70 million in 67 markets over the weekend for an international total of $1.001 billion. It became the first film not directed by a Canadian to reach the billion dollar mark internationally and is only the third film overall to get to that milestone. Worldwide, the has made $1.321 billion, which is more than the combined totals of the first four films in the franchise. That's a fact that is hard to comprehend. This kind of growth in a franchise just doesn't exist. The closest example would be James Bond, but there inflation played a huge part in the difference between the first and more recent installments in that franchise. The film's biggest single market is China, where it has $324.31 million after 15 days of release. This is a record topping Age of Extinction's final figure of $319 million.

The Left Ear opened in second place in China and third place internationally with $31.49 million over the weekend.

Home slipped a spot to fourth with $15.0 million in 60 markets for totals of $148.5 million internationally and $302.0 million worldwide after a month of release. The film opened in third place in China with $8.02 million.

Cinderella remained in fifth place with $8.5 million in 41 markets for totals of $284.0 million internationally and $474.6 million worldwide. This includes a first place, $4.65 million opening on 521 screens in Japan.

That's only the top five, but considering how dominant The Avengers: Age of Ultron was and how weak the depth was, it makes sense to stop there.


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