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Friday Estimates: Holdovers Keep Ted 2 on the Outside

June 27th, 2015

Inside Out

Inside Out led the way on Friday with $14.99 million. This was 56% lower than the film’s opening Friday, but that’s a better decline than most movies deal with during this point in their run. By comparison, Monsters University fell 53% on Friday on its way to a 45% weekend-to-weekend decline, while Brave fell 58% Friday-over-Friday on its way to a 49% decline. If we use these two films as guides, Inside Out will drop about 47% to $48 million. I think its superior reviews will help it reach $50 million, but it could be close.

Jurassic World was down 62% from last Friday and while it should bounce back a little on Saturday, it will remain in second place for the weekend with about $45 million. More importantly, it became the highest-grossing hit of 2015 on Friday overtaking The Avengers: Age of Ultron and that’s a huge reason for the studio to celebrate.

The first wide release on the chart was Ted 2, but it only managed third place with $13.2 million, which is 36% lower than the first film opened with. If this film has the same internal multiplier as the original, it would make $35 million over the weekend. However, sequels tends to have worse legs than their predecessors and its reviews won't be doing it any favors either. That said, a $30 million opening weekend is likely and that’s enough for the film to earn more than its production budget domestically. It will need to do well internationally to break even, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

Finally we get to Max, which opened with $4.35 million. This is better than expected and even with weak reviews, it should top $12 million over the weekend. Sadly, this is still a forgetful opening.


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