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International Box Office: Billion Dollar Dinosaurs

July 2nd, 2015

Jurassic World

(As I warned previously, we've run out of images for Jurassic World, so we are down to Picture Unrelated. And no, I will not explain the context of the image. I will say the TV show it comes from is surprisingly good.)

Jurassic World completed a hat-trick at the weekend by earning first place with $82.5 million in 67 markets for totals of $737.5 million internationally and $1.238 billion worldwide. The film entered the top ten on the all-time worldwide box office chart over the weekend and has already moved into seventh place. Its biggest single market was China, where it made $38.07 million over the full week for a total of $206.57 million after three weekends. Hopefully this is the last weekend the film spends in top spot, as new releases finally rise to overtake it. If it is still in first place next week, it will be a sign that the box office is slowing down.

Second place for the weekend went to Minions with $36.0 million in 10 markets over the weekend for a two-week total of $51.7 million internationally. The film's biggest opening was in the U.K. with $18.19 million in 571 theaters. That's like a $100 million opening here, more or less. This is a great start, but it is 19% lower than what Despicable Me 2 opened with in that market. The second biggest opening of the weekend was in Brazil, where the film earned $7.32 million on 1,084 screens, which is 28% higher than the previous film. There are some markets, like Poland, where Minions will top Despicable Me 2's total by the end of the week. There's reason to believe this film will earn $1 billion worldwide, which would be an amazing milestone.

Hollywood Adventures opened in first place in China and third place internationally with $27.78 million during its three-day weekend.

Inside Out fell to fourth place with $26.4 million in 43 markets for totals of $81.5 million internationally and $266.6 million worldwide. The film's biggest new market was India where it earned an estimated $400,000. That doesn't sound a lot, given the size of the market, but it is the second best opening there for a Pixar film.

Ted 2 opened in fifth place with $20.3 million in 27 markets. Its biggest result came in Germany, where it earned $3.78 million on 676 screens. It had very similar results in both Russia, with $3.41 million in 1,089 theaters, and Australia with $3.27 million in 521. This is less than half of what Ted earned in those markets, but it could still reach $200 million worldwide, which would cover its total production and advertising budgets.

SPL 2: A Time For Consequences added $11 million over the weekend for a total of $75.56 million after eleven days of release in its native China.

San Andreas landed in seventh place with $10.4 million in 69 markets over the weekend for totals of $297.8 million internationally and $439.8 million worldwide. The only new release of the week was Spain, where it earned $1.04 million on 521 screens. The film crossed the $100 million mark in China with a running tally of $101.32 million. This includes $6.84 million for the full week.

Terminator: Genisys opened in seventh place with $8.3 million over the weekend in ten markets. There were no major market openings to look at, but the film did earn first place in Singapore with $1.4 million on 82 screens. This was a record for the franchise, so that's some reason to be optimistic.

Northern Limit Line opened in first place in its native South Korea and ninth place internationally with $7.78 million on 1,013 screens for $9.87 million.

The final film in the top ten was Poltergeist, which pulled in $6.6 million in 29 markets over the weekend for an international total of $39.4 million. The film earned third place in Mexico with $1.83 million on 1,165 screens. On the other hand, it flopped in France with $986,000 on 258.

One final note, Spy! crossed $100 million just before the weekend internationally and now has $106.6 million.

- Australian Weekend Chart
- New Zealand Weekend Chart


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