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Weekend Estimates: Rogue Nation Takes Off with $56 Million

August 2nd, 2015

Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation will comfortably win the weekend at the box office, with Paramount projecting a total of $56 million on Sunday morning. That’s a very respectable performance by any measure, although it falls short of the franchise record, which was set by Mission: Impossible 2 15 years ago. It’s early days yet, but the prospects of another franchise chapter making around $200 million seem good, based on the excellent reviews this outing has been receiving. Overseas business is reportedly very good so far, although we don’t yet have any official figures.

Vacation’s debut is looking much more pedestrian. After what looks to have been a wise choice to release the film on Wednesday, the comedy reboot will limp to $14.85 million over the three-day weekend for $21.17 million after five days. A moderate production budget will help stave off huge losses, but this won’t be the re-beginning of a lucrative franchise, which is certainly bad news for Warner Bros., which could do with one.

In a sign that we are deep into the Summer vacation season, returning films are all down quite steeply this weekend, with drops in the top ten ranging from 39% to 64%. The best performers by that metric are Trainwreck and Inside Out, down 44% and 39% respectively. Pixels and Paper Towns are down 57% and 64% in their second weekends, and will quickly shed theaters from here on out.

In limited release, The End of the Tour is a standout success, picking up an estimated $126,459 from four theaters for A24, in what has become their traditional roll-out strategy of packing a small number of venues on opening weekend (see Amy’s $222,500 opening weekend from six locations for comparison).

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