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Per Theater Chart: Grandma Takes Victory Lap

September 2nd, 2015


Grandma remained on top of the per theater chart, which is impressive in its own right. While it is not uncommon for a movie to repeat on top of the overall box office, doing so on the per theater chart is a lot rarer. This is because the films most likely to win on the per theater chart are limited releases and if they do well enough to win, they tend to expand the following week. This is what happened with Grandma, which saw its theater count rise from 4 to 19, but its per theater average was still top at $15,330. The only other film in the $10,000 club was War Room, which earned an average of $10,001. That's cutting it really close.

There was only one other new limited releases that did well. The Second Mother earned an average of $8,029 in three theaters, which is better than most limited releases fair. On the other hand, Phantom earned an average of just $2,868 in 93 theaters. Memories of the Sword landed just north of the Mendoza Line with an average of $2,284 in 22 theaters. Meanwhile, Z for Zachariah wasn't as lucky, earning an average of $1,962 in 29 theaters. However, it was playing on Video on Demand, which is the only acceptable mitigating factor for missing the Mendoza Line. Drown didn't have that excuse, as it opened with just $860 in one theater. Then again, it also had just one review on Rotten Tomatoes, so it is not a shock that it didn't do well at the box office.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a couple of Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • Phoenix topped $1 million before the weekend and it is nearly halfway to $2 million. On the other hand, its per theater average is low enough that it will start losing theaters very soon.
  • The End of the Tour reached $2 million over the weekend. Despite seeing its theater count cut this weekend, it still has a good shot at $3 million before too long.


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