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Midnight Box Office: Crimson Peak Scares Goosebumps

October 16th, 2015

Crimson Peak

Two scary films started their box office runs last night with Crimson Peak earning $855,000, putting it ahead of Goosebumps, which pulled in $600,000. By comparison, Sinister 2 earned $800,000 during its midnight showings on its way to a $10.54 million opening weekend. Sinister 2 had ... issues with its reviews, unlike Crimson Peak, which is earning 68% positive reviews. Perhaps Ouija, which opened this time last year, would be a better comparison. It earned $911,000 during its midnight shows on its way to a $19.88 million opening weekend. It too struggled with critics, but I think the release date makes it a better comparison. Crimson Peak could reach $20 million over the weekend.

Goosebumps's $600,000 is right behind Pan's $640,000. Again, we have the issue with the two films earning vastly different reviews. Goosebumps' reviews are 72% positive, which are solid. Meanwhile, Pan's reviews are among the worst we've seen in a major release at just 26% happy. Additionally, Goosebumps appears to be aimed at a younger target demographic. Pan needed to connect with both kids and people who grew up watching Peter Pan. Goosebumps has a more focused target, one that won't rush to a midnight show to see it.

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