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Technical Delay, Part 1: Oh No!

November 2nd, 2015

Just a quick note that there might be some issues with regular columns due to technical problems. To keep the details as limited as necessary: I have a SSD that is rapidly filling up and I need to get it mirrored into a larger drive, but I can't do that until I cleared a bit of the schedule, and I never have a clear schedule for a full day. I'm going to attempt to get things ready for the upgrade this weekend, but I'm also dealing with semi-regular Blue Screens of Death due to having less than a few percent free room on my hard drive. Hopefully things go smoothly and I only lose a day of working time. If things don't go smoothly, I will be stuck working on my old computer, which is even less reliable. I will update you with Part 2 when the computer heads to the shop.