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Limited and VOD Releases: Dressing Up for the Holidays

November 27th, 2015

The Danish Girl

Thanksgiving Weekend is not a good time to release a limited release. There are too many other distractions for moviegoers to deal with. This year is no different. If we limited the films to only those with ten reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, there would only be two films on this week's list. One of them is The Danish Girl, which was earning some Awards Season buzz. Its reviews are good, but not Awards Season good.

The Danish Girl - Reviews
Eddie Redmayne stars as Einar Wegener, who was an artist in 1920s Copenhagen. His wife, played by Alicia Vikander, was also an artist and one day when she needed a female model, she convinced Einar to pose for her. This sparked something in Einar and soon he began living as a woman, Lila. The film was clearly aimed at Awards Season glory, as voters tend to love films like this. However, the reviews are not quite positive enough to be a real contender. That said, it should have the best opening of four films on this week's list and could top the Per Theater Chart. The Danish Girl opens tonight in four theaters, split between New York City and Los Angeles.

Janis: Little Girl Blue - Reviews
A documentary about Janis Joplin. They've been trying to make a movie about Janis Joplin for so long that I think the project is cursed. If you want to learn about Janis Joplin, this is a great film for that. The reviews are spectacular and the most common complaint is it is not long enough. That's exactly what you want to hear. Janis: Little Girl Blue opens tonight in New York City.

Killing Them Safely - Reviews
Video on Demand
A documentary about the number of deaths due to Taser. On the one hand, this is an important subject to tackle. On the other hand, I think blaming the Taser is the wrong way to go. It is certainly safer than using a gun, but police tend to use it when simply talking to a person probably would have been enough. Or they would use it multiple times in a very short time frame. That said, the reviews are excellent and the film is worth checking out.

Tamasha - Reviews
A Bollywood film about two Indians traveling in France who meet up after the lady, Deepika Padukone, loses all of her possessions. There is only one review on Rotten Tomatoes, which is actually better than most Bollywood films manage. Unfortunately, it is negative.

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