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Weekend Wrap-Up: Deadpool Cruises to $56.47 million Win

February 23rd, 2016


Deadpool held onto first place with $56.47 million over the weekend, while the best new release, Risen, was well back in third place with $11.80 million. It's not surprising the overall box office fell this weekend when compared to the last weekend. The overall box office fell 41% to $142 million, which is barely more than what Deadpool alone earned last weekend. This was still 19% more than this weekend last year, when Fifty Shades of Grey fell 74%. 2016's year-to-date lead roughly doubled to 3.5% at $1.63 billion to $1.57 billion.

Deadpool fell 57% to $56.47 over the weekend for a total of million of $236.87 million after just ten days of release. It is already the sixth biggest R-rated movie and should quickly climb the chart thanks to its solid hold. The reviews should help it remain potent over the next few weeks, but even so, I think American Sniper and The Passion of the Christ are out of reach. Only time will tell for sure.

Kung Fu Panda 3 remained in second place with $12.52 million over the weekend for a total of $117.12 million after four weeks of release. The film could reach $150 million before its theatrical run is done. It should at least be a little close. That's excellent for this time of year and its international numbers are even better.

Risen was the best of the new releases earning third place with $11.80 million over the weekend This is a little better than anticipated, but it isn't really good. The reviews are fine and Easter is on its way, so it could have long legs.

The Witch opened in fourth place with $8.80 million in just over 2,000 theaters. Its reviews are 88% positive, which is great. However, the audience reaction was less impressive at 53% positive on Rotten Tomatoes, while its CinemaScore was just C minus. Ouch. Fortunately, the film didn't cost a lot to make, so it has already covered its production budget, while it should break even before it reaches the home market.

How to be Single remained in the top five during its second weekend of release with $8.20 million over the weekend for a total of $31.75 million after two weeks of release. By this time next week, the film will have matched its production budget, so it is on track to break even sometime during its home market run.

Race wasn't as lucky earning sixth place with $7.35 million over the weekend. Its reviews are okay and its theater average isn't any better, so its legs will likely be fine and no more. It reportedly only cost $5 million to make, so this isn't a terrible start. However, unless it is a surprisingly big hit internationally or on the home market, it won't break even any time soon.

Zoolander 2 was the only film in the sophomore class to not reach the fop five earning $5.46 million over the weekend for a total of $23.67 million after ten days of release. The film will finish with between $30 million and $35 million. This is lower than its predecessor managed, despite having more than a decade of inflation to help it at the box office.

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