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Limited and VOD Releases: Limited Releases are Very Special

March 18th, 2016

Midnight Special

Of the seven films on this week's list, five of them are earning excellent reviews and one of the other two is a Bollywood film with no reviews. Midnight Special was supposed to open wide, but that's not happening now. It could still find an audience in theaters. Additionally, Krisha is being released by A24 and that distributor has a very good track record.

The Confirmation - Reviews
Video on Demand
Clive Owen stars as a carpenter who has to take care of his estranged 8-year old son after his ex-wife and her new husband have to go on a religious retreat. When his prize tools are stolen, he and his son go on an adventure to get them back, with the help of Drake, a drywall repairman. The reviews are great and the cast has a lot more star power than most limited releases, so maybe it will do well on VOD.

Kapoor and Sons - Reviews
A Bollywood film about a successful son going home after his grandfather had a heart attack. There are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, but Now Running gave it a good review. Kapoor and Sons opens tonight in 143 theaters in the usual Bollywood hotspots.

Krisha - Reviews
The latest from A24 is about a woman, the titular Krisha, arriving at her sister's home on Thanksgiving. However, it is not a happy family gathering. Krisha opens tonight in two theaters, one in New York City and the other in Los Angeles. Check out the official site for more details.

Midnight Special - Reviews
This movie was supposed to open wide today, but that's not happening, as its only debuting in 5 theaters. The film is earning some of the best reviews and has some serious star power, but getting dropped from wide release to a limited release so abruptly is troubling. It could be worse. Another previous March 18th release, The Little Prince, went from a wide release, to a limited release with a wide expansion the following week, to a limited release with a possible expansion, to no release, to being picked up by Netflix. Hopefully it will find an audience, because it deserves to.

My Golden Days - Reviews
The film focuses on a man, Paul Dedalus, who as an adult looks back over his life through a series of flashbacks. The reviews are fantastic and foreign-language films can do well in art house theaters. However, they rarely expand significantly. My Golden Days opens tonight in three theaters, two in New York City and the other in Los Angeles, with planned expansions over the coming weeks. Check out the official site for more details.

The Program - Reviews
Video on Demand
The rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. The acting is being praised, but critics are frustrated that the movie is content for a surface-level look at the story. Additionally, it is playing on VOD, which will further hurt its box office chances.

Too Late - Reviews
John Hawkes plays a P.I. who is looking for a missing woman, a missing woman who is also from his past. The reviews are excellent and the cast has more star power than most limited releases. On the other hand, it is rarely easy for a limited release to thrive. Too Late opens tonight at the Sundance Sunset 4 in Los Angeles, while there are additional showings planned over the coming weeks / months. Check out the official site for more details.

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