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Theater Averages: Witness Seen by Many, Earns $14,523

June 8th, 2016

The Witness

The Witness was the top draw on the theater average chart earning $14,523 in its lone theater. The Fits was the only other member of the $10,000 club earning $10,602, also in one theater. One last note: We are still relying on estimates for Art Bastard and since it is an independent film, we might not get the final number. At the moment, it has an average of $9,800 in two theaters, so there's a chance it actually snuck its way into the $10,000 club.

The rest of the new limited releases were led by The Wailing with an average of $6,829 in 32 theaters, which is an excellent opening for a limited release. Kamikaze 89 was only playing in one theater, so its haul of $5,613 was less impressive. The biggest limited release of the week was Housefull 3, which earned nearly $700,000 in 145 theaters over the weekend for an average of $4,715 million. On the other hand, the estimates for Time to Choose have it pulling in exactly $2,000 in six theaters. Finally, Fritz Lang's Destiny only managed $413 in one theater.

This past week also saw milestones reached for many Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The Meddler hit $3 million since this time last week.
  • The Lobster earned more than $1 million over the weekend and that helped it get to $3 million overall. It likely won't expand significantly beyond where it is, but it likely won't completely collapse next weekend as well.
  • Love and Friendship got to $5 million early in the weekend and should have no trouble getting to $10 million before too long.
  • It has been nearly 100 days since The Lady in the Van crossed $5 million domestically, but it finally made it to $10 million. That's as far as it will go.
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