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Thursday Night Previews: Dory Sets Pixar Record, Intelligence Right on the Money

June 17th, 2016


Finding Dory. Finding Dory started its box office run by setting a Pixar record with $9.2 million at preview shows. This beats the old record of $4.0 million held by Toy Story 3. However, that film came out six years ago and midnight showings were not industry standard back then so it is hard to judge. On the other hand, the film also set the record for an animated film, which was previously set last year by Minions at $6.2 million. Finding Dory is also the biggest midnight hit for a family film so far this year, topping The Jungle Book, which earned $4.2 million. At this pace, a $100 million opening seems very likely and a record-breaking opening, for an animated film, is still the goal.

Central Intelligence was well back with $1.835 million. However, this was better than Get Hard and Ride Along 2 and not that far behind San Andreas. We predicted a $35 million opening and it looks like it could get there almost exactly.

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