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Theater Averages: Thousands Join Army Over the Weekend

June 29th, 2016

Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man led the way on the theater average chart with an impressive figure of $35,151 in three theaters. That's not quite the yearly record for a limited release, as The Wailing earned an average of $38,946 in two theaters. Finding Dory remained potent earning second place with $16,948. I think it will finish in the $10,000 club this coming weekend as well. As expected, Hunt for the Wilderpeople did well earning an average of $15,460 in five theaters. Wiener Dog had a lot of Indie cred and that helped it earn an average of $12,156 in two theaters. Independence Day: Resurgence rounded out the $10,000 club with an average of $10,088. This is less than Central Intelligence earned last weekend and that film cost over $100 million less to make.

There were a couple of other new limited releases that did well. The Kind Words and Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words were very close together with $8,571 and $8,348. Les Cowboys was well back with an average of $3,571 in four theaters, while Three earned an average of $2,530 in 23 theaters. Breaking a Monster missed the Mendoza Line with just $1,302 in its lone theater. Meanwhile, The Neon Demon bombed with an average of just $775. It does have the potential to become a cult classic on the home market.

Maggie's Plan was the only film to reach a milestone this past week, getting to $2 million. That's not bad compared to the average limited release, but I was expecting more.

Weekend Box Office Results