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International Box Office: Squad Scores $132 million Opening

August 10th, 2016

Suicide Squad

As expected, Suicide Squad easily won the international box office race pulling in $132 million in 57 markets. However, its results in individual markets were mixed when compared to its domestic opening, as well as when compared to Batman v Superman. For example, the film earned first place in Russia with $11.42 million over the weekend, while BvS opened with $7.84 million. It is also a little better than its debut here, given the size of the two markets, and the slumping rubles. On the other hand, the film managed $13.9 million in the U.K., compared to BvS’s opening of $20.66 million. Likewise, a $13.9 million opening in the U.K. is equivalent to about $90 million here, which is much less than its debut here. That’s still a huge opening, but not a monster opening. BvS finished with over $500 million internationally; if Suicide Squad finishes with just under $400 million internationally, it will break even, so the studio can’t be too upset. They could yell, “Damn the critics, full speed ahead.” and let the D.C. Extended Universe turn into another Transformers. Hit after hit, but critically reviled.

The Secret Life of Pets rose to second place with $68.6 million in 41 markets over the weekend for totals of $182.6 million internationally and $502.1 million worldwide. The film debuted in second place in China with $29.16 million during its six-day opening, including $15.67 million over the weekend. Its other major market opening of the weekend was in Spain, where it debuted in first place with $4.38 million on 350 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $5.08 million, including previews. Even if the film didn’t have another market to open in, it will still get past $600 million worldwide, which is enough to break even before the home market. It still has half the international market left to debut in, so there’s a chance it could reach $1 billion worldwide. That is an optimistic prediction, but not an unreasonable one.

Time Raiders opened in first place in its native China and third place internationally with $65.83 million over the weekend, for a total opening of $71.64 million after four days of release.

Jason Bourne fell to fourth place with $20.9 million in 50 markets for a total of $91.9 million internationally and a worldwide total of $195.0 million. Its biggest new market of the weekend was India, where it earned $1.1 million. That’s really good for a Hollywood film in that market.

There was a tie for fifth place with Ice Age: Collision Course and Finding Dory both earning $11.5 million over the weekend. Collision Course earned this in 66 markets lifting its totals to $234.6 million internationally and $288.2 million worldwide. The film reportedly cost $105 million to make, so it won’t take long to break even. I don’t think the franchise will continue, at least not theatrically.

Finding Dory was playing in 31 markets earning $11.5 million over the weekend giving it totals of $396.4 million internationally and $870.2 million worldwide. The film will have no trouble getting to $900 million internationally, even if it didn’t open in a single new market. Fortunately, it does have a few significant markets left to open in, the first being “Scandinavia”, which admittedly is more than one market, but they are sometimes reported as one international market. It then opens in Italy in the middle of September and it finishes its run in Germany at the end of September.

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