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Thursday Night Previews: Sausages get the Drop on the Dragon

August 12th, 2016

Sausage Party

Sausage Party got off to a fast start with $3.25 million in previews. By comparison, Bad Moms earned $2 million during its previews two weeks ago, on its way to a $23.82 million opening weekend. If the two films had the same legs for their opening weekends, then we would be looking at a $38 million debut. Sausage Party does have better reviews that Bad Moms earned, but Bad Moms is aimed at a female demographic and generally speaking, women are less likely to rush out to see a movie during previews. So I think it is wise to be a little more cautious, but an opening weekend of over $30 million is still reason to celebrate.

Florence Foster Jenkins stumbled out of the gate with just $190,000 in previews. That isn’t that far behind Meryl Streep’s previous August release, Ricki and the Flash, which earned $200,000 during its previews last year. This film’s Oscar-worthy reviews should help it grow over the weekend, but this is still a disappointing result.

Pete’s Dragon didn’t have any previews, because Disney didn’t want to compete with a certain sporting event that I can’t say the name of, because I don’t want to be sued.

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