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Thursday Night Previews: Blair Witch Spooks the Box Office with $765,000

September 16th, 2016

Blair Witch

Blair Witch led the way during Thursday’s previews with $765,000. This is well short of the horror films we had during the summer, including The Shallows at $1.33 million and Lights Out at $1.8 million. Then again, it isn’t really fair to compare previews during summer when a lot of the target audience doesn’t have to go to school the next day. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of horror films that come out in September and previews like this have only been ubiquitous for the past few years. I think it is a good sign, but I’m not sure. Maybe if moviegoers like it more than critics do, the film will be a hit.

Bridget Jones’s Baby earned $364,000 on Thursday. There are not a lot of films we can compare this one to. Bad Moms made $2 million, but again, summer release vs. a September release isn’t fair. The Intern managed $650,000 when it debut this time last year, which is not a good sign for Bridget Jones’s Baby. On the other hand, this film is earning better reviews, so maybe the word-of-mouth will win out over the rest of the weekend.

There were no numbers released for Snowden or Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

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