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Thursday Night Previews: Accountant's $1.35 million Adds Up

October 14th, 2016

Kevin Hart: What Now?

The Accountant got off to a healthy start with $1.35 million during Thursday night previews. This is more than both The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl managed. On the other hand, the film’s demographics are more male-dominated than those two films, and men are more likely to rush out to see a movie as early as possible. Its reviews have climbed up to 50% positive, so that won’t hurt its legs. We predicted $19 million and I’m fairly confident in that number. In fact, that might be on the low end of expectations going forward.

Kevin Hart: What Now? earned $739,000 during its previews, but there are simply not enough similar films to judge if that is good or not. Kevin Hart's previous stand-up concert movie, Let Me Explain, earned $1.1 million during its previews, but it was a summer release and it opened on the Wednesday, so its previews were on Tuesday. This movie’s reviews are among the best of the fall so far at 79% positive, so the word-of-mouth should help it grow over the weekend. I think our $16 million prediction is still solid.

There are no preview numbers for Max Steel. There are also still no reviews.

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