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Theater Averages: Godzilla Stomps All Over the Theater Average Chart

October 19th, 2016

Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla had a number of special screenings over the weekend and its daily theater count ranged from 26 to 311. This made a huge mess of the theater average chart. I guess adding up the averages for the individual days would be the best, giving it an average of $5,271. However, even that doesn’t take into account the many theaters which only had limited showings on the single day they played the film. It’s a mess.

As for films that are a lot easier to deal with, Miss Hokusai topped that chart with an average of $12,262 in two theaters. This is another hit for GKIDS. Certain Women was right behind with an average of $12,180 in five theaters. Christine was playing in just one theater, earning $11,744.

A couple of other new limited releases had great openings. Aquarius was the best of the rest with an average of $9,710 in three theaters. Desierto earned an average of $7,045 while playing in 73 theaters. That’s impressive. Coming Through the Rye was less impressive with an estimated $4,000 in its lone theater. Priceless is a faith-based film playing in 303 theaters. Its average was $2,333, which is acceptable for this type of release. Tower earned an average of $1,708 over the weekend and $3,323 over its five-day opening. Search Engines rounded out the new limited releases with an average of $1,522 in two theaters.

Shin Godzilla earned over $1 million during its five-day opening, so obviously it reached that milestone in the process. It was the only film to reach a major milestone since this time last week.

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