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International Box Office: Fantastic has a Beast of an Opening with $143.3 million

November 24th, 2016

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opened in first place on the international chart with $143.3 million in 63 markets. The film had the biggest opening of the Harry Potter franchise in 16 of those 63 markets, but ironically not in the U.K., where it had its biggest opening. The film debuted in first place there with $18.90 million in 666 theaters. This is the third best in the franchise behind the two Deathly Hallows films. Some of the markets where Fantastic Beasts set the franchise record include South Korea, where it made $10.64 million on 1,431 screens over the weekend for a total opening of $14.15 million. It did the same in Russia with $10.29 million on 1,173 screens and in Brazil with $6.4 million.

I Am Not Madame Bovary opened in first place in its native market and second place internationally with $29.48 million.

Doctor Strange was pushed into third with $26.0 million in 53 markets for totals of $390.0 million internationally and $571.6 million worldwide. This is more impressive, as it had no new openings over the weekend. The film did hit the century mark in China with $11.08 million over the weekend for a total of $102.06 million after three weeks of release. The film is now ahead of Ant-Man’s worldwide total and is on pace to top Iron Man before the weekend and Iron Man 2 over the weekend hitting eighth place on the MCU chart. The film debuts in Argentina this weekend and Japan next year.

Trolls fell to fourth place with $11.4 million in 66 markets over the weekend for totals of $145.1 million internationally and $261.3 million worldwide. The film had no major market openings this past weekend, but it isn’t done yet. It should be a reasonably large hit in Australia when it opens in early December.

Deepwater Horizon entered the top five for the first time in its run with $8.2 million in 26 markets for an international total of $52.4 million. The film earned $8.02 million during its six-day opening in China.

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