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Thursday Night Previews: Rangers Power Up with $3.6 million

March 24th, 2017

Power Rangers

Power Rangers easily dominated the other two new releases during Thursday previews earning $3.6 million. In fact, this is barely lower than the $3.7 million Kong: Skull Island earned just a couple of weeks ago. Does this mean Power Rangers will open with a similar amount, say $60 million? No. The film’s reviews are much weaker and the film has a much stronger Fanboy Effect. It does have a real shot at $40 million over the weekend, but our $37 million prediction seems like a safe bet at the moment. If the film is earning better legs, we will adjust this figure tomorrow.

Life had a rough night, as its Tomatometer Score fell to 63% positive and it only managed $800,000 during previews. This is well below expectations and instead of aiming for $20 million, $12 million seems more likely for its opening. This is not good for a film that cost $58 million to make. Perhaps it will find an audience internationally.

CHiPs is in the “It could have been worse” category, as it was originally reported it only made $350,000 during previews, but that was updated to $500,000. By comparison, Fist Fight earning $600,000 in previews on its way to a $12 million opening weekend, so if CHiPs has similar legs, and I think it will, it will earn $10 million over the weekend and grab a spot in the top five.

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