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Theater Averages: Audiences Didn’t Wait to See Paris

May 16th, 2017

Paris Can Wait

Paris Can Wait topped the theater average chart earning nearly $100,000 in just 4 theaters for an average of $24,713. The overall number one film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, landed in second place with $15,013. The only other film in the $10,000 club was Stefan Zweig: Farewell to Europe, which earned $11,729 in its lone theater. Manifesto just missed the mark with $9,628 also in one theaters. However, it was a Wednesday release and managed $11,824 during its five-day opening.

The rest of the new limited releases have a wide range of results. Lowriders earned an average of $8,149 while playing in nearly 300 theaters. That’s very impressive. The Last Shaman earned $6,799 in one theater, which is better than expected. The Wedding Plan struggled with an average of $3,957 in 8 theaters. The Wall missed the Mendoza Line with an average of just $1,663. It was playing in 540 theaters, but that turned out to be just too many. Dead Awake was the weakest limited release of the week with an average of just $736 in 12 theaters. However, It is playing on VOD, which is the only acceptable mitigating factor for missing the Mendoza Line.

This past week also saw milestones reached for a few Per Theater Chart alumni:

  • The Dinner hit $1 million over the weekend, but its theater average is so low getting to $2 million could be out of the question.
  • Lowriders earned more than $2 million during its opening weekend, plus it has room to grow over the coming weeks.
  • The Lost City of Z hit $7.5 million over the weekend, but that will likely be its final milestone.
  • Gifted surpassed $20 million just before the weekend, while it has a good shot at $25 million.
  • How to Be a Latin Lover reached $25 million, a milestone The Bye Bye Man wasn’t able to get to, despite opening wide.
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