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Friday Estimates: Dead Men Tops Chart, but Struggles, with $23.40 million

May 27th, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

As expected, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales earned first place at the Friday box office. Unfortunately, it missed the low end of expectations with $23.40 million, putting it on pace for a $62 million three-day weekend and a $73 million total opening. The film’s reviews are just 32% positive, putting it in a tie with On Stranger Tides for worst in the franchise. On the other hand, the film earned an A minus from CinemaScore compared to a B plus for the previous installment, so that should help its legs a little. That said, the film cost $230 million to make, so unless it is a monster hit at the international box office, there’s little hope the sequel teased in the end credits will happen.

Baywatch earned second place on Friday with $5.7 million during its second day of release for a two-day total of $10.3 million. It needed to earn that much during its opening day to be a real hit. Its reviews have fallen a point to just 18% positive, but it did earn a B plus from CinemaScore. That’s not a good result, but it is certainly better than its Tomatometer Score. The film will earn about $25 million during its five-day opening, meaning it will need to be a bigger hit internationally to have any shot at breaking even. I don’t think that’s likely, as I don’t think many international markets fondly remember the original TV show.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 landed in third place on Friday with $5.32 million; however, it will climb into second place on Saturday and overtake Baywatch during the full weekend. In fact, it has a small shot at earning more over four days than Baywatch will earn over five.

Alien: Covenant fell more than 80% to just $3 million on Friday. It will bounce back on Saturday, but not by enough to make a difference. Its four-day total will be about $14 million, to take it to $61 million after 12 days of release. Prometheus had that much after just five days of release. Additionally, its international numbers are not significantly better than its domestic numbers, so I’m not sure this franchise can continue.

Everything, Everything, on the other hand, fell just 58% compared to its opening Friday, and earned $2.0 million. It will match our prediction of $9 million over four days nearly perfectly.

Friday Box Office Chart

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