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Friday Estimates: Hitman Guards the Box Office with $2.43 million

September 2nd, 2017

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Expectations for this weekend were really low. They were so low that when I saw The Hitman’s Bodyguard had earned $2.43 million on Friday, I was pleasantly surprised. That’s only 20% lower than last Friday and the holiday should boost its three-day legs, helping it earn just over $9 million. It’s on pace for $12 million over four days for a running tally of over $55 million. That’s enough for Lionsgate’s share to cover its entire $30 million production budget.

The lack of competition also helped Annabelle: Creation, which earned $1.83 million on Friday to put it on pace for just under $7 million over three days and over $8 million including Monday. Its chances of getting to $100 million have improved as a result, but I still think it will lose over 1,000 theaters the day It comes out, so hitting that milestone will be difficult.

Wind River actually grew from last Friday, earning $1.5 million. It should earn $7 million during the four-day weekend, putting it close to $20 million after five weeks of release. This is the best result for any Weinstein Co. released this year.

A fellow Weinstein Co. release was next, as Leap! earned $1.07 million on Friday, putting it on pace for $5 million / $6 million over the weekend. It will finish its theatrical run with about $20 million, which isn’t bad, considering its struggles just to get into theaters here.

As for the “new wide releases”, the best of those was Close Encounters of the Third Kind with $485,000 on Friday. It should earn about $2 million over the four-day weekend, which is better than expected, but not enough to make anniversary releases a common practice.

Tulip Fever only managed $357,000 on Friday, putting it on pace for about $1.5 million over four days. Given its opening and its 11% positive reviews, it will disappear quickly.

Hazlo Como Hombre was right behind with $347,000. Its reviews are mixed; in fact, they are currently exactly 50% positive. This could give it better legs over the weekend and since it is only playing in 382 theaters compared to 765 for Tulip Fever, this opening could be seen as a marginal success.

Also coming out this week is Inhumans, but we don’t have Friday estimates yet, as it was an IMAX release. It earned about $500,000 on Friday in just under 400 theaters. That makes it the biggest new release of the week. It is more of an experiment than a true theatrical release, so it is hard to say if this is a success. If more TV shows do this, then it was, but that would take years to figure out.

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