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Friday Estimates: It still has it with $19.2 million on Friday

September 16th, 2017


As expected, It dominated Friday with $19.2 million. Its running tally is $177.91 million after just 8 days of release, putting it in top spot on the all-time September chart. It looks to be on pace for $57 million over the full weekend, which is even better than expected, giving it a running tally of over $210 million. A 55% decline is excellent in this day and age, especially for a horror film, as the genre tends to have shorter legs. This will make it the 8th film released in 2017 to get to $200 million. It will also become only the fourth horror film to get to $200 million and just the 16th R-Rated film to reach that milestone. Furthermore, while next week’s competition is stronger, it is currently on pace to reach $300 million domestically, which is more than most people originally predicted it would earn worldwide. Perhaps this means we will be getting a big-budget At the Mountains of Madness adaptation after all. Previously, no studios wanted to make a big-budget R-rated horror movie, but this film proves they can be profitable.

American Assassin opened on the high end of expectations with $5.76 million, putting it on pace for close to $16 million during opening weekend. The reviews are mixed and it earned a B plus from CinemaScore, so its legs should be average. That said, it has more or less direct competition next weekend, so it could disappear quickly.

Speaking of disappearing quickly. It looks like mother! is going to bomb hard. It only managed $3.0 million on Friday, which is already lower than expected. Worse still, it became just the ninth film to earn a F from CinemaScore. (The other eight are, in alphabetical order: The Box, Bug, Darkness, The Devil Inside, Killing Them Softly, Silent House, Solaris, and Wolf Creek.) I wasn’t expecting the film to be well-liked by moviegoers, but I thought it would be polarizing. It didn’t think the audience reaction would be this bad. The F from CinemaScore will likely mean it has short legs, giving it about $7 million over the weekend and about $15 million in total.

Home Again fell only 46% from its opening Friday, earning $1.66 million last night. It will earn more than $5 million over the weekend topping its $15 million box office in just 10 days. Unfortunately, it likely cost more to advertise than it did to make, so it will need help on the home market to break even.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard earned $1.02 million, putting it on pace for just over $3 million during its fifth weekend of release. It is already profitable, so this is pure gravy at this point.

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