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Limited and VOD Releases: Ghost of a Chance

April 20th, 2018


It is not a particularly good week for limited releases, as there are a number of them with reviews that are good, but not good enough for limited release. There are some that I’m interested in seeing, Ghost Stories, Little Pink House, and Imitation Girl among them.

Beyond The Clouds - Reviews
A film from India that has reviews. That’s sadly not very common. This isn’t your typical Bollywood film and is a straight drama about two siblings who are on the run. It is one of the best reviewed films on this week’s list, so hopefully it will find an audience.

Le Corbeau - Reviews
This film is set in a small French town and is about an unknown person sending poison pen letters, that is to say, someone is anonymously spreading rumors. This year is the film’s 70th anniversary and it is well worth checking out. The film has never been released on Blu-ray here, but that should change.

The Devil and Father Amorth - Reviews
This is one of the biggest limited releases of the week, at least in terms of buzz. Unfortunately, the reviews are mixed, so it likely won’t live up to the buzz. It is a documentary directed by William Friedkin, so that might help. On the other hand, it debuts on VOD on Tuesday, so even if you are interested, it is best to wait.

Dolphins - Reviews
At one point, I thought this film had a chance at opening wide. Now I’m not 100% sure it is opening at all.

Ghost Stories - Reviews
This horror anthology that has a great cast and is earning fantastic reviews. If this were a wide release, I would be quite bullish about its chances. However, horror films rarely do well in limited release. It should find an audience on the home market, on the other hand. It is also playing on “Cable On-Demand” according to the email, so check your local cable provider.

Godard Mon Amour - Reviews
A biopic of Jean-Luc Godard, which is a subject that should win over art house aficionados. However, the film’s reviews are mixed, and that usually proves fatal for a limited release.

Kodachrome - Reviews
Jason Sudeikis plays a man on a road trip with his father, played by Ed Harris, and his father’s nurse, played by Elizabeth Olsen. They are traveling to Kansas, where the last Kodachrome development lab in the world exists, and is about to close down. The film’s reviews are 72% positive, which would be good enough for a wide release, but will likely prove fatal for a limited release.

Little Pink House - Reviews
Catherine Keener plays Susette Kelo, who sued the city she lived in, when the city used Eminent domain to take her and her neighbor’s land. The reviews are good, but likely not good enough to thrive in limited release.

Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free - Reviews
A biopic of Lou Andreas-Salomé, a woman psychiatrist at the turn of the century, the turn of the last century. The reviews are good, but likely not good enough to thrive in limited release.

Secondary VOD Releases:
Corbin Nash - Reviews - Video on Demand
Edge of Isolation - Reviews - Video on Demand
Genesis - Reviews - Video on Demand
Imitation Girl - Reviews - Video on Demand
Party Bus to Hell - Reviews - Video on Demand
Imitation Girl is the best secondary VOD release of the week.

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