Lakeview Terrace

Lakeview Terrace poster
Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $39,263,506Details
International Box Office $5,400,000
Worldwide Box Office $44,663,506
Home Market Performance
Domestic DVD Sales $22,288,016 Details
Total Domestic Video Sales $22,288,016
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Rotten Tomatoes
Critics RottenAudience Spilled
45% - Rotten
39% - Spilled

Movie Details

Production Budget:$20,000,000
Domestic Releases: September 19th, 2008 (Wide) by Sony Pictures
Video Release: January 27th, 2009 by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for intense thematic material, violence, sexuality, language and some drug references.
Keywords: Corrupt Cops
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction
Production Companies: Overbrook Entertainment

DVD Rentals - Nights has Good Week on Rental Chart

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DVD Rentals - Lake has Lingering View on top of Rental Chart

Lakeview Terrace repeated on top of the rental chart this week, despite there being four new releases trying to cram into the top five. This week it was a close race as it earned just over 10% more than the second place Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa. More...

DVD Rentals - Lake Viewed on the Home Market

While Lakeview Terrace only managed third place on the sales chart this week, it led all new releases and took first place on the rental chart, generating about 33% more revenue than last week's winner, Max Payne More...

DVD Sales - Open on Fire!

New releases dominated the DVD sales chart this week, taking the top three spots, four of the top five, and seven of the top ten. This includes a surprise number one film, Open Season 2, which took first place with 554,000 units sold, and it was the only release to crack $10 million with opening week sales of $11.07 million. More...

DVD Releases for January 27, 2009 - Part I

One of the longest lists in a while this week, but there's a lack of quality at the top. There are a number that are of interest, like Zodiac on Blu-ray, The Bourne Trilogy on Blu-ray, and others, none rise to the level of DVD Pick of the Week. The list was long enough that it has to be split up, and the second part can be found here. More...

Box Office Soars Like Some Kind of Bird

It was a relatively predictable weekend at the box office with four of the top five films matching expectations, more or less. There was only one film on Thursday's column that beat expectations by a serious degree, and it was matched by another film that missed expectations by nearly the same margin. Overall the box office just climbed above nine digits, hitting $101 million over the weekend. This was 14% more than last weekend and 11% more than the same weekend last year. 2008 is still behind 2007, but by less than 1% at $7.11 billion to $7.15 billion. More...

Weekend Showcase Emphasizes Quantity over Quality

There are seven films opening in more than 250 theaters this weekend, but this is clearly a case of quantity over quality. Only two are opening in more than 2,000 and none of the seven are earning overall positive reviews. (Most of these films don't have a real shot at a top five placing, so we will deal with many of them in our round-up of limited releases.) There's no real question on which film will top the charts this week, as Eagle Eye is practically a lock for that position. But there are questions about whether it can top last year's winner, or whether 2008 can play catch up over last year. More...

Weekend Weakness from the Top on Down

It was not a good weekend at the box office with just one of the four new releases beating expectations, and even then it was by just a rounding error. Overall box office receipts were $88 million over the weekend, which was down 13% from last week. More importantly, it was down 9% from the same weekend last year, which was not expected. Year-to-date, 2008 is still behind 2007, but at a margin of just $6.98 billion to $7.04 billion, and a strong fall and holiday box office would be enough to catch up. More...

Movie Website Reviews for Weekend of September 19, 2008

After the Oscars are handed out, the opening of The Duchess this weekend might be seen as the unofficial opening of Awards Season. However, regardless of how many awards the movie wins, its Official Site was able to take home the Weekly Website Awards, and I'm sure that will make someone very proud. That is if anyone involved in the movie ever hears about the award. More...

Weekend Estimates: Lakeview Terrace High Point in Ordinary Weekend

The Fall Season is very much in full swing now. Three of the four new releases opened with less than $10 million, and total ticket sales look headed for less than $100 million. The one bright spot was Lakeview Terrace, which opened with a decent $15.6 million, according to Sony's Sunday estimate. Burn After Reading fell 40% in its second week to finish in second place with $11.3 million. More...

Will Fall Continue to Rise?

Another week, another four wide releases... well, three and a half, as one of them is opening in fewer than 2,000 theaters, which is normally the level I consider truly wide versus semi-wide. It is unlikely that this week's crop of new releases will be as strong as last week's, and while the top of the chart won't live up to the level earned by last year's victor, Resident Evil: Extinction, the overall box office should still show some growth. More...

2008 Preview: September

A pretty bland month with no wide release that look likely to surprise, either becoming a potential $100 million hit, or bombing so bad that they fail even to reach $10 million. The latter is a lot more likely, however, with a number of films that have serious obstacles to overcome, and it is very unlikely all of them will avoid bombing. On the other end of the scale, there are no films that have a legitimate shot at $100 million, while The top film of the month could make less than $70 million. More...

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Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2008/09/19 1 $5,144,974   2,464 $2,088   $5,144,974 1
2008/09/20 1 $6,489,762 +26% 2,464 $2,634   $11,634,736 2
2008/09/21 1 $3,369,936 -48% 2,464 $1,368   $15,004,672 3
2008/09/22 1 $1,013,551 -70% 2,464 $411   $16,018,223 4
2008/09/23 1 $1,040,618 +3% 2,464 $422   $17,058,841 5
2008/09/24 1 $843,775 -19% 2,464 $342   $17,902,616 6
2008/09/25 1 $798,180 -5% 2,464 $324   $18,700,796 7
2008/09/26 4 $2,027,338 +154% 2,467 $822   $20,728,134 8
2008/09/27 3 $3,300,853 +63% 2,467 $1,338   $24,028,987 9
2008/09/28 4 $1,638,520 -50% 2,467 $664   $25,667,507 10
2008/09/29 3 $488,979 -70% 2,467 $198   $26,156,486 11
2008/09/30 4 $585,936 +20% 2,467 $238   $26,742,422 12
2008/10/01 4 $476,159 -19% 2,467 $193   $27,218,581 13
2008/10/02 3 $421,447 -11% 2,467 $171   $27,640,028 14
2008/10/03 6 $1,352,894 +221% 2,574 $526   $28,992,922 15
2008/10/04 5 $2,120,726 +57% 2,574 $824   $31,113,648 16
2008/10/05 6 $1,087,607 -49% 2,574 $423   $32,201,255 17
2008/10/06 8 $312,776 -71% 2,574 $122   $32,514,031 18
2008/10/07 7 $332,271 +6% 2,574 $129   $32,846,302 19
2008/10/08 7 $344,318 +4% 2,574 $134   $33,190,620 20
2008/10/09 8 $356,465 +4% 2,574 $138   $33,547,085 21
2008/10/10 11 $785,379 +120% 2,218 $354   $34,332,464 22
2008/10/11 11 $1,178,930 +50% 2,218 $532   $35,511,394 23
2008/10/12 11 $690,335 -41% 2,218 $311   $36,201,729 24
2008/10/13 13 $316,452 -54% 2,218 $143   $36,518,181 25
2008/10/14 13 $190,018 -40% 2,218 $86   $36,708,199 26
2008/10/15 12 $168,540 -11% 2,218 $76   $36,876,739 27
2008/10/16 13 $198,139 +18% 2,218 $89   $37,074,878 28

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2008/09/19 1 $15,004,672   2,464 $6,090   $15,004,672 3
2008/09/26 3 $6,966,711 -54% 2,467 $2,824   $25,667,507 10
2008/10/03 6 $4,561,227 -35% 2,574 $1,772   $32,201,255 17
2008/10/10 12 $2,654,644 -42% 2,218 $1,197   $36,201,729 24
2008/10/17 17 $1,153,588 -57% 1,157 $997   $38,228,466 31
2008/10/24 24 $434,844 -62% 454 $958   $38,968,832 38
2008/10/31 31 $184,900 -57% 232 $797   $39,263,506 45

Weekly US DVD Sales

DateRankUnits this Week% ChangeTotal UnitsSpending this WeekTotal SpendingWeeks in Release
2/1/20093501,912 501,912$8,306,644$8,306,6441
2/8/20099190,059-62% 691,971$3,229,102$11,535,7462
2/15/20091780,441-58% 772,412$1,366,693$12,902,4393
2/22/20092352,301-35% 824,713$888,594$13,791,0334
3/1/200914102,842+97% 927,555$1,747,286$15,538,3185
3/8/20091359,486-42% 987,041$1,010,667$16,548,9856
3/15/20092834,848-41% 1,021,889$592,068$17,141,0537
3/22/20092829,221-16% 1,051,110$496,465$17,637,5188

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Samuel L. Jackson    Abel Turner
Patrick Wilson    Chris Mattson
Kerry Washington    Lisa Mattson
Jay Hernandez    Javier Villareal
Ron Glass    Harold Perreau
Justin Chambers    Donnie Eaton
Regine Nehy    Celia Turner
Jaishon Fisher    Marcus Turner
Robert Pine    Captain Wentworth
Keith Loneker    Clarence Darlington
Caleeb Pinkett    Damon Richards
Robert Dahey    Jung Lee Pak
Ho- Jung    Sang Hee Pak
Dallas Raines    TV Weatherman
Michael Sean Tighe    Manager
Valeri Ross    Old Woman
Dartanea Dee Bryant    Woman
Bitsie Tulloch    Nadine
Dale Godboldo    Dale
Lynn Chen    Eden
Wiley Pickett    First Officer
Vincent Laresca    Second Officer
Terrell Clayton    Officer
Jeff Cockey    Officer
Wrenna Monet    Stripper
Tabitha Taylor    Stripper
Khira Thomas    Stripper
Cassius Willis    Black Cop
Vanessa Bell Calloway    Aunt Dorrie
Cocoa Brown    Bartender
Marc Chaiet    Neighbor
Zorianna Kit    TV Reporter
Hiep Le    Nurse
Ajay Mehta    Doctor
Billy Brown    Patrolman
Sarah Lieving    Emergency Technician
Eva Larue    Lt. Morgada
Lonnie B Moore Jr    Bachelor
Jamie Vandevert    Sheriff Deputy
Lisa DeWitt    Cop
Michael Landes    Lt. Bronson

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Neil LaBute
Screenwriter    David Loughery
Screenwriter    Howard Korder
Story Creator    David Loughery
Producer    James Lassiter
Producer    Will Smith
Executive Producer    Joe Pichirallo
Executive Producer    John Cameron
Executive Producer    David Loughery
Executive Producer    Jeff Graup
Cinematographer    Rogier Stoffers
Production Designer    Bruton Jones
Editor    Joel Plotch
Costume Designer    Lynette Meyer
Composer    Mychael Danna
Composer    Jeff Danna
Co-Producer    Orin Woinsky
Casting Director    Heidi Levitt
Assistant Director    Donald A Murphy
Unit Production Manager    John Cameron
Production Supervisor    Karen Ruth Getchall
Art Director    Tom Taylor
Art Director    Paul Sonski
Set Decorator    Don Diers
Costume Supervisor    Stacy Horn
Additional Editor    Keith Brachmann
Sound Mixer    Lee Orloff
Re-recording Mixer    Gary C. Bourgeois
Re-recording Mixer    Bill W. Benton
Supervising Sound Editor    Ronald Eng
Sound Effects Editor    Steve Tushar
Dialogue Editor    Robert Troy
Music Editor    Jen Monnar
Make-up and Hair Designer    Allan Apone
Make-up and Hair Designer    Sara Vaughn
Make-up and Hair Designer    Linda Villalobos
Make-up and Hair Designer    Rhonda O'Neal
Stunt Coordinator    Ben Bray
Stunts    Buddy Sosthand
Stunts    Jeff Wolfe
Stunts    Toby Holguin
Stunts    Thom Williams
Stunts    Richard Piemonte
Stunts    Tanoai Reed
Stunts    Denny Pierce
Stunts    Jimmy Ortega
Stunts    Frank Torres
Stunts    Richard Epper