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Theatrical Performance
Domestic Box Office $83,159,658Details
International Box Office $7,500,000
Worldwide Box Office $90,659,658
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Tammy is having a bad day. She’s totaled her clunker car, gotten fired from her thankless job at a greasy burger joint and, instead of finding comfort at home, finds her husband getting comfortable with the neighbor in her own house. It’s time to take her boom box and book it. The bad news is she’s broke and without wheels. The worse news is her grandma, Pearl, is her only option—with a car, cash, and an itch to see Niagara Falls. Not exactly the escape Tammy had in mind. But on the road, with grandma riding shot gun, it may be just what Tammy needs.


Rotten Tomatoes
24% - Rotten
39% - Spilled

Movie Details

Production Budget:$20,000,000
Theatrical Release: July 2nd, 2014 (Wide) by Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating: R for language including sexual references.
(Rating bulletin 2308, 2/5/2014)
Source:Original Screenplay
Production Method:Live Action
Creative Type:Contemporary Fiction

Weekend Wrap-Up: Monkeys Still in Business

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

As expected, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes remained on top of the box office chart with a healthy lead over The Purge: Anarchy. Unfortunately, the other two wide releases, Planes: Fire and Rescue and Sex Tape were anything but healthy and that led to a weakening box office. It fell less than 1% from last weekend to $149 million. This was 24% lower than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2014 is now 5.6% or $340 million behind last year's pace at $5.79 billion to $6.13 billion. I think with summer wrapping up, it is close to the time to panic. More...

Weekend Predictions: Anarchy on Top?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

There are a trio of wide releases coming out this week looking to dethrone Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The Purge: Anarchy is the most likely film to come out on top, but the original didn't win over many moviegoers. It opened big, but collapsed very quickly after that. Planes didn't perform much better with moviegoers, but there hasn't been an animated family film released wide since How to Train Your Dragon 2, so Planes: Fire and Rescue could benefit from the lack of competition. Sex Tape is the only non-sequel opening wide this week and that could help it do well. Or the fact that it is not based on a previous movie could hurt it. There is one last film that might reach the top ten, Persecuted, which is opening in 700 theaters. It would only need a per theater average of just over $4,000 to reach the top ten, which is doable. This year, we should have four films that earn more than $20 million. Last year there were only three. However, last year, The Conjuring earned more than $40 million, a milestone no film this year will reach, while seven films earned more than $10 million. This year there will be only four films earning more than $10 million. Again, it looks like 2014 is going to get crushed at the box office. More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Break of Dawn

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

As expected, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes earned first place and it finished on the high end of reasonable expectations. Unfortunately, it crushed the competition earning more than four times more than the second place film, Transformers: Age of Extinction. It made almost as much as the rest of the box office combined made, so the overall box office was still soft for this time of year at just $149 million. Granted, this is 13% higher than last weekend, but more troublesome, it was 23% lower than the same weekend last year. Year-to-date, 2014 is now more than $200 million lower than 2013's pace at $5.57 billion to $5.78 billion. More...

Weekend Predictions: Apes Look to Climb to the Top

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is the only new wide release of the week and since last week's new releases underperformed, it will dominate the box office this weekend. In fact, it will dominate the box office, even if it barely managed to live up to its predecessor. Transformers: Age of Extinction will be well back with less than $20 million, while Tammy might not reach $10 million. By comparison, this weekend last year, there were two films that earned more than $40 million (Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2) and a total of six films earned $10 million or more. 2014 is going to get crushed in the year-over-year comparison. More...

Per Theater Chart: Blacking Out

Code Black poster

There were no films in the $10,000 club on the per theater chart this weekend. The film that came the closest was Transformers: Age of Extinction, which earned an average of $8,753 in more than 4,000 theaters. The best limited release was Code Black, which earned $7,978 in one theater. The best new release was Tammy with an average of $6,227 in more than 3,000 theaters. Finally, the best new limited release was Life Itself, which managed an average of $5,713 in 23 theaters. More...

Contest: Fracking Prizes: Winning Announcement

The winners of our Fracking Prizes contest were determined and they are... More...

Weekend Wrap-Up: Dinobots Dominate Subdued Box Office

Transformers: Age of Extinction poster

As expected, Transformers: Age of Extinction won the race to the top of the box office chart and did so with ease. However, that film, and practically every film in the top five, failed to live up to expectations. Tammy still took second place with ease, but it was the only other film to earn more than $10 million over the Independence Day long weekend. Overall, the box office pulled in $132 million over the weekend, which is 27% less than last weekend. Compared to the same weekend last year, the box office was 42% lower this year. Ouch. To put this into perspective, even if you take out Despicable Me 2 from last year's box office, 2014 would have still failed to match 2013's weekend numbers. Year-to-date, 2014 is now $130 million or 2.4% below 2013's pace at $5.35 billion to $5.48 billion. It is still too early to panic, but if things don't turn around soon, the panic button will be pushed. More...

Weekend Predictions: Dinobots look to Chomp Down on New Releases

Tammy poster

There are three wide releases and a wide expansion this week all hoping to take advantage if the Independence Day long weekend. (There was to be one more wide expansion, but Begin Again is expanding to less than 200 theaters.) Tammy is the biggest of these wide releases and it is the latest Melissa McCarthy vehicle and might be a surprise $100 million hit. Deliver Us From Evil and Earth to Echo were in a close battle for third place on Wednesday, but I think their futures will be quite different. Finally, America: Imagine a World Without Her is expanding to over 1,000 theaters. This isn't enough to compete with the new releases, but it could compete for a spot in the top ten. While there are a lot of new releases, Transformers: Age of Extinction will win the race for top spot in the box office chart, unless something surprising happens. The only thing more surprising than Age of Extinction getting knocked out of top spot would be if the overall box office was stronger that the same weekend last year when Despicable Me 2 opened with more than $80 million during the three-day weekend. More...

2014 Preview: July

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes poster

Overall, June was not good. Most films matched expectations, or came close enough that there weren't major disappointments. However, it looks like How to Train Your Dragon 2 will miss expectations by more than $100 million. This was such a massive amount that 2014 lost its lead over 2013 and not even Transformers: Age of Extinction's $100 million opening was able to turn things around. Looking forward to July, there's not a lot of good news. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes might be the only film coming out during July that will reach the $100 million milestone, but on the high end, it might reach the $200 million mark. There are a few others that have a shot, but are not favored to reach the century mark. On the other hand, there are more films that may or may not open / expand wide and even if they do, they will likely have no real impact at the box office. By comparison, last July, Despicable Me 2 was the top draw and finished with more than $350 million. There were also four other films that surpassed $100 million at the box office. It seems practically impossible for 2014 to match those numbers and will likely finish the month behind last year's pace. Overall, 2014 isn't doing poorly, but the summer has been much weaker than the spring was, so we've gone from potential record breaking year to merely average.


Contest: Fracking Prizes

Next weekend there are three wide releases and two limited releases that are scheduled to expand wide. However, only Tammy has a shot at being more than a midlevel hit. It might make more than the other four films make combined. As such, Tammy is the clear choice for the target film for this week's box office prediction contest. In order to win, one must simply predict the opening weekend box office number for Tammy.

Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going over, will win a copy of FrackNation on DVD. Whoever comes the closest to predicting the film's opening 3-day weekend box office (Friday to Sunday), without going under, will also win a copy of FrackNation on DVD. Entries must be received by 10 a.m., Pacific Time on Friday to be eligible, so don't delay! More...


Melissa McCarthy    Tammy
Susan Sarandon    Pearl
Kathy Bates    Lenore
Allison Janney    Deb
Dan Aykroyd    Don
Mark Duplass    Bobby
Gary Cole    Earl
Nat Faxon    Greg
Toni Collette    Missi
Sandra Oh    Susanne
Ben Falcone    Keith Morgan
Sarah Baker    Becky
Rich Williams    Larry
Steve Little    Jet Ski Rental Guy
Dakota Lee    Kathleen
Mark L. Young    Jesse
Mia Rose Frampton    Karen
Steve Mallory    Cashier
Al Hall    Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
Jones Smith    Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
Joe Baxter    Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
Benjamin Chontos    Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
Sean Gould    Possum Creek Bluegrass Band
Keith Welborn    DJ
Oscar Gale    Javier
Justin Smith    Paramedic
Willie Hill    Prison Guard
Zach Hanner    Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que
Jason Vail    Man at Blue Post Bar-B-Que
Leon Lamar    Old Man with Walker
Larry Dorf    Officer Mannis
Ricky Muse    Officer Curtis
Barbara Wheetman    Officer Carty
William Flaman    La Grange Bail Cop
Rey Hernandez    Cop at Lakehouse
Penn Holderness    News Anchor
Michelle Li    News Reporter
Raven Angeline Whisnant    Charlotte
Damon Jones    Jerry Miller
Sandy McCarthy    Old Lady Leaving a Bar
Margo Passas    Old Lady Leaving a Bar

Production and Technical Credits

Director    Ben Falcone
Screenwriter    Ben Falcone
Screenwriter    Melissa McCarthy
Producer    Will Ferrell
Producer    Adam McKay
Producer    Melissa McCarthy
Executive Producer    Rob Cowan
Executive Producer    Ben Falcone
Executive Producer    Chris Henchy
Executive Producer    Kevin Messick
Executive Producer    Toby Emmerich
Executive Producer    Richard Brener
Executive Producer    Michael Disco
Production Designer    Jefferson Sage
Editor    Mike Sale
Composer    Michael Andrews
Director of Photography    Russ Alsobrook
Music Supervisor    Manish Raval
Costume Designer    Wendy Chuck
Casting Director    Allison Jones
Unit Production Manager    Christopher V. Bromley
First Assistant Director    Walter Gasparovic
Second Assistant Director    M.I. Prange
Art Director    Richard Fojo
Set Decorator    Marthe Pineau
Sound Mixer    Michael Rayle
Post-Production Supervisor    Jody Levin
Additional Editor    Brian Scott Olds
First Assistant Editor    Mikki Levi
Assistant Editor    Liz Calandrello
Assistant Editor    Nina Kawasaki
Supervising Sound Editor    Andrew DeCristofaro
Supervising Sound Editor    Becky Sullivan
Re-recording Mixer    Steve Maslow
Re-recording Mixer    Gregg Landaker
First Assistant Sound Editor    Gayle Wesley
Sound Effects Editor    Michael Payne
Dialogue Editor    Laura Harris
Foley Mixer    David Jobe
Music Editor    Ronald J. Webb
Music Editor    Manish Raval
Score Recordist    Steve Kaye
Score Mixer    Steve Kaye
Second 2nd Assistant Director    Scott Oberholzer
Script Supervisor    Sheila Waldron
Assistant Costume Designer    Margaret Robbs
Costume Supervisor    Nava Sadan
Make up    Kate Shorter
Make up    Jennifer Zide-Essex
Hairstylist    Linda Flowers
Hairstylist    Daniel Curet
Chief Lighting Technician    Curtiss Bradford
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician    Dale C. Robinson
Special Effects Supervisor    David Beavis
Special Effects Foreman    Jeff Loy
Special Effects Foreman    David Hill
Special Effects Foreman    Aaron Strickland
Special Effects    Vince Ball
Special Effects    Billy Daniel
Special Effects    James Jenkins
Special Effects    Tim McKinney
Still Photography    Mike Tackett
Casting Associate    Ben Harris
Casting Assistant    Peter Kousakis
Casting Assistant    Tyler Jones
Location Casting    Jackie Burch

Daily Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/07/02 2 $6,211,368   3,400 $1,827   $6,211,368 1
2014/07/03 2 $5,518,172 -11% 3,465 $1,593   $11,729,540 2
2014/07/04 2 $6,415,642 +16% 3,465 $1,852   $18,145,182 3
2014/07/05 2 $8,689,826 +35% 3,465 $2,508   $26,835,008 4
2014/07/06 2 $6,471,581 -26% 3,465 $1,868   $33,306,589 5
2014/07/07 2 $2,779,421 -57% 3,465 $802   $36,086,010 6
2014/07/08 2 $3,359,075 +21% 3,465 $969   $39,445,085 7
2014/07/09 2 $2,553,261 -24% 3,465 $737   $41,998,346 8
2014/07/10 2 $2,445,255 -4% 3,465 $706   $44,443,601 9
2014/07/11 3 $4,068,468 +66% 3,465 $1,174   $48,512,069 10
2014/07/12 3 $5,065,816 +25% 3,465 $1,462   $53,577,885 11
2014/07/13 3 $3,420,867 -32% 3,465 $987   $56,998,752 12
2014/07/14 3 $1,597,464 -53% 3,465 $461   $58,596,216 13
2014/07/15 3 $2,117,400 +33% 3,465 $611   $60,713,616 14
2014/07/16 3 $1,632,167 -23% 3,465 $471   $62,345,783 15
2014/07/17 3 $1,302,313 -20% 3,465 $376   $63,648,096 16
2014/07/18 6 $2,294,916 +76% 3,402 $675   $65,943,012 17
2014/07/19 6 $3,119,554 +36% 3,402 $917   $69,062,566 18
2014/07/20 6 $1,987,738 -36% 3,402 $584   $71,050,304 19
2014/07/21 6 $878,306 -56% 3,402 $258   $71,928,610 20
2014/07/22 6 $1,112,606 +27% 3,402 $327   $73,041,216 21
2014/07/23 6 $897,599 -19% 3,402 $264   $73,938,815 22
2014/07/24 6 $808,274 -10% 3,402 $238   $74,747,089 23
2014/07/25 9 $1,089,639 +35% 2,562 $425   $75,836,728 24
2014/07/26 9 $1,408,607 +29% 2,562 $550   $77,245,335 25
2014/07/27 9 $955,975 -32% 2,562 $373   $78,201,310 26
2014/07/28 9 $456,136 -52% 2,562 $178   $78,657,446 27
2014/07/29 9 $518,288 +14% 2,562 $202   $79,175,734 28
2014/07/30 9 $424,152 -18% 2,562 $166   $79,599,886 29
2014/07/31 9 $362,819 -14% 2,562 $142   $79,962,705 30
2014/08/01 11 $475,109 +31% 1,415 $336   $80,437,814 31
2014/08/02 11 $664,012 +40% 1,415 $469   $81,101,826 32
2014/08/03 11 $428,881 -35% 1,415 $303   $81,530,707 33
2014/08/04 15 $193,472 -55% 1,415 $137   $81,724,179 34
2014/08/05 - $206,662 +7% 1,415 $146   $81,930,841 35
2014/08/06 14 $173,203 -16% 1,415 $122   $82,104,044 36
2014/08/07 13 $131,123 -24% 1,415 $93   $82,235,167 37
2014/08/08 - $159,971 +22% 550 $291   $82,395,138 38
2014/08/09 - $218,932 +37% 550 $398   $82,614,070 39
2014/08/10 - $123,098 -44% 550 $224   $82,737,168 40
2014/08/11 - $64,372 -48% 550 $117   $82,801,540 41
2014/08/12 - $61,486 -4% 550 $112   $82,863,026 42
2014/08/13 - $34,440 -44% 550 $63   $82,897,466 43
2014/08/14 - $31,268 -9% 550 $57   $82,928,734 44
2014/08/15 - $70,661 +126% 276 $256   $82,999,395 45
2014/08/16 - $92,705 +31% 276 $336   $83,092,100 46
2014/08/17 - $47,717 -49% 276 $173   $83,139,817 47
2014/08/18 - $19,841 -58% 276 $72   $83,159,658 48

Weekend Box Office Performance

DateRankGross% ChangeTheatersPer TheaterTotal GrossDays
2014/07/04 2 $21,577,049   3,465 $6,227   $33,306,589 5
2014/07/11 3 $12,555,151 -42% 3,465 $3,623   $56,998,752 12
2014/07/18 6 $7,402,208 -41% 3,402 $2,176   $71,050,304 19
2014/07/25 9 $3,454,221 -53% 2,562 $1,348   $78,201,310 26
2014/08/01 13 $1,568,002 -55% 1,415 $1,108   $81,530,707 33
2014/08/08 19 $502,001 -68% 550 $913   $82,737,168 40
2014/08/15 36 $72,744 -86% 276 $264   $83,001,478 47


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