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Follow-up: Darkness Falls shines in debut

To the surprise of almost every analyst, and the horror of almost every critic, Darkness Falls lead the weekend charts this week with a larger than expected $12.5 million. As reported here earlier, Darkness Falls was produced for only $7 million, however Revolution studios showed themselves to be masters of marketing, spending an estimated $20 million dollars in pushing the movie to top spot.

Recently, top spot has been held by a series of critically vilified movies. Starting two weeks ago when Just Married won despite getting only 20% on Rotten Tomatoes fresh meter (and 0% from the Cream of the Crop reviewers.) Last week Kangaroo Jack received a tiny 9%, a figure matched by Darkness Falls. Although Darkness Falls received much better User Ratings on IMDB than Kangaroo Jack.

Submitted by: C.S.Strowbridge

Source: Weekend Chart

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